Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • It will be short today. Between a trial today and Day 2 of the Electronic Project, I haven't been sitting around yelling at Fox News. 
  • I'll auto post a picture of the Electronic Project in a second. It will be the most ridiculous thing you've ever seen and it WORKS.
  • And based upon my obsession with it over the last three days, Mrs. LL might call MHMR on me. 
  • I don't know who the young weather guy was on CBS 11 on Saturday night when that wicked storm blew through, but he was pretty, pretty good.
  • There was some "manhunt" in Haltom City yesterday afternoon and the local anchor asked the reporter what a "blue warrant" was since the guy  had on out for him. I'll be dang, he got it exactly right. (It's a parole violation warrant.)
  • Blue Bell might be in trouble (as it pulls all of its products out of the stores.)
  • Early yesterday I tried to find Troy Aikman's awkward remembrance of the OKC bombing at the music awards from Sunday night. I haven't checked since.
  • Crazy lightning strikes near Rhome this morning. 
  • Outside of Houston: "Trooper shoots motorcyclist during chase, kicks him off bike."
  • I mentioned the other day that every time the legislature bans a new synthetic drug, a more tricked up (and more dangerous one) is created. I watched the most recent episode of Vice over the weekend and that was the subject.