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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I'll admit it. That Baylor loss was gut wrenching. I now know what TCU felt like when it gave up 21 to Baylor in the last 10 minutes. How in the world did it happen? Baylor has stolen probably three or four games over the last couple of years so it's hard to complain.
  • There's not a dimes worth of difference between TCU, Baylor, and Michigan State. All are better than Florida State. I'm not sure any of them could beat Alabama, Ohio State or Oregon. 
  • Putting the two college playoff games on New Year's Day was a fantastic idea. Felt like the old days. 
  • Mrs, LL is a fan of Florida State because of the Tomahawk Chop fan sign. (Sign? Isn't there a better word than that?)
  • I recorded the second half of the Alabama/Ohio State game last night and decided to go to bed. Mrs. LL was surprised but then we decided to start watching Breaking Bad (for way too long). But I kept away from social media because I wanted to watch game the next morning. When I got up at 6:30 to let the dogs out, Mrs. LL woke up and said, "You're not going to watch the rest of that game are you?" Me: "Probably." Her: "Well, I'm getting up to watch it, too." Promise. We watched the end of the game at 6:35 a.m. this morning. 
  • Edit: She fell asleep during the fourth quarter as I'm writing this. (Great game.)
  • During the game, a guy named Steve Miller had an interception return for a TD. The PA system then fired up "Take The Money and Run". Genius. 
  • After letting the dogs out, I  realized the Christmas lights were still on outside and quickly decided to turn them off for the last time for the season. But the ground was wet. I didn't have my shoes so I made the executive  decision to take my off my socks and walk outside only to see my neighbor staring at me. Hey. Don't judge.
  • CNN's New Year's Eve show with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin is borderline insane.
  • Back To The Future 2 was based on the year 2015.
  • There is a crazy 18 wheeler tanker fire on I-20 this morning. The whole freeway is shut down while the thing blazes away. 
  • The new Tarrant County DA tweeted yesterday something to the effect of "We will never be ashamed of following the letter of the law." I've got a bad feeling about the new administration. It's not the law I'm worried about. 
  • And there's already something weird going on with the DA's office. Its website is jacked up. And I can't find the twitter account of the office which used to be run by a former Star-Telegram reporter. 
  • I rarely get to watch The Today Show any more, but it looks like Al Roker has taken on the annoying characteristics of the shunned Ann Curry. Basically, false sincerity. 
  • There's a shocking stat in BagOfNothing this morning. And I do mean shocking. 


Anonymous said...

"Mrs, LL is a fan of Florida State because of the Tomahawk Chop fan sign. (Sign? Isn't there a better word than that?)"

That is EXACTLY why I can't stand FSU and was extremely happy to see them get their butts kicked.

I think you are looking for the word "chant" perhaps.

Sorry Mrs. LL

Ernest T said...

They are probably just doing the updates on the Tarrant DA website today and putting the bio of the new staff members who came in with Sharon Wilson and removing the ones who left.

Don't think that it is anything sinister!

Anonymous said...

The Christmas season is December 25th - January 6th (The Epiphany) when the Magi - aka Three Kings - arrived with gifts for the Christ Child.

If you turn off your lights now how will the Wise Men find Baby Jesus?

Yes, some in Wise County believe in the entire Christmas season. Leave the lights on.

Anonymous said...

Today's RTG is a butter face!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Blade Runner, which is set in 2019, will get even a fraction of the free publicity four years from now that Back To The Future 2 is now getting?

Anonymous said...

I was shocked by BagofNothing guy's statistic too. Made me feel very inadequate.

DF Don Juan

Anonymous said...

You need to step up your game!

DF Mrs. LL

Katy Anders said...

Steve Miller Band jokes are hilarious.

So you think Jerry Ford is going to win in '76?

Anonymous said...

Three times a week and change? I would take that in a heartbeat & be happy.

DF Old Guy

Anonymous said...

The DA's website changed. Ol' Bud Kennedy tewwted the new one, asking why the change: was the old one political, or is the new one, and if not, why change?

Good question.

The new one, I think, is @TarrantCountyDA, but you'd have to search Bud's tweets to be sure.


Anonymous said...

Ya know, that Bag of Nothing has got something

Anonymous said...

The diff between TCU and Baylor?
TCU won. Suck it, Green.


Anonymous said...

There's a shocking stat in BagOfNothing this morning. And I do mean shocking.

Whassa matter BG, not getting it 3.096 times a week?

Anonymous said...

This year sure is going fast.

Anonymous said...

Art Briles sweats as much as Gary Patterson.

Anonymous said...

A shocking stat indeed, I didn't know gas was selling for a $1.69 in Denton.

Triple Fake... said...

That revelation from BoN is shocking. Never had black-eyed peas?!? Really?

I told you before the season was over that Florida State was way over rated. Being undefeated doesn't automatically make you one of the best teams. There were lots of one-loss teams better than them. The selection committee has blinders on for the traditional powerhouse teams to get the best TV ratings.
And there is a difference between TCU, Baylor, and MSU: TCU totally dominated their opponent and didn't allow a TD. Oh, and they won. I would bet on them against any of the playoff teams

Anonymous said...

Non smokers please when choosing RTG, thanks.

Surgeon General.

Anonymous said...

Texas Christian University and the Startlegram wont stop crowing about TCU beating a 3rd rate Ole Miss squad. Ole Miss finished this season with 4 losses. Arkansas, who had 6 losses, beat Ole Miss 30 to O in November. TCU's win was not a quality win. Sorry, Froggies.

Almost all the Dallas Morning News' blogs are now gone and no one seems to have noticed. I, for one, will miss Robert Wilonsky who is one of the very few DFW journalists who doesn't suck.

New Dallas District Attorney Susan Hawk will change over to the Democrats or be a one term DA. Book it done!

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah. My team can beat yours blah blah blah.
Have never known who #1 team is in college football.
Evidently the smart pollsters don't have a clue. It's to "predict" and then go back and change every week. Lol.
Big $ rules the day. What else is new ?

Katy Anders said...

3.096 times a week is clearly a typo. That sort of thing would kill a human being.

3.096 times a year is about average, I'd say, based on my lifetime of research.

DF Mick Jagger said...

I live in an apartment on the ninety-ninth floor of my block
And I sit at home looking out the window
Imagining the world has stopped
Then in flies a gAL who's all dressed up like a Union Jack
And says, I've won five pounds if I have his kind of detergent pack

Anonymous said...

I'm with Katy.

I'm calling BS on the shocking stat.

But, why do I feel I need to see a picture of both of them before I totally commit on my decision?

NoseALot said...

Do the math. All you need is 3.096 wives.

Anonymous said...

3.096 huh?

Being a typical male, I'd round that up to....10.

Anonymous said...

NoseALot - In my case it would be 30.96 wives.

Anonymous said...

"◾I figured if I was keeping track of the foot massages I might as well track some other stuff, such as all the time we had “relations” and some specifics which goes along with that. You know by now that I tend to be very much TMI, so I won’t go into details other than to say we averaged relations 3.096 times a week, which for a married couple of eleven years isn’t all that bad. The longest without any relations was seven days."

I've been doing something like this for over three years. I just send myself an email with a special prefix in the title line, every time we do anything together then it goes into a special folder. I put a brief description of the event in the body of the email. I'll also send myself an email if I get blatantly turned down. I'm averaging some kind of action twice a month. You don't want to know how often I've been turned down. We've been married 16 years.

Some days, you look at yourself in the mirror, and wonder if this is the day.

--Sadly Sincere.

Anonymous said...

Katy, back when I was dating my wife, 3X/week was a very, VERY low week. 3X a day was a little busy, but not unheard of. It's called "being in your 20s in college." Hey, I've been to your website and Tumblr; if you're not getting it several times a week, that's most definitely a choice that you're making, because you're clearly worth looking at.

--I'm Not Sayin', I'm Just Sayin'.

Anonymous said...

In my case, I would just need 3.096 hands.

Anonymous said...

My office is about 1.7 miles from burning I-20 tanker. Reports are that they evacuated neighborhoods out to about a mile.

Anonymous said...


The Dallas Morning News's blogs are still there although now more difficult to find.

I blame my browser for the error.

Anonymous said...

TCU beat an SEC team. That looks to be a pretty weak conference based on their bowl performances. Whereas Baylor lost by only a point to a team from the Big Ten which is sending OSU to the championship. Following playoff committee logic, I'd say Baylor's quality loss carries more weight going into the offseason than TCU's win.

At first I was being funny, but the more I think about it, the more it sounds like something that dink of a committee chairman would have said earlier this year.

Go Bears!

BU 92
UT 94

Anonymous said...

Yeah, because Katy has seen so much D in her life. Right.

Anonymous said...

Random Friday Morning Thoughtsc

"South Carolina, what's up?!"

Anonymous said...

1:33 is a bit confused.

I can't wait for Katy to drop this bomb.

Anonymous said... appears to be owned by Bryan Lucas, the CTO at TCU -- not by Tarrant County. I wonder if he decided he wasn't going to support the new DA.

Maybe the twitter account was also not officially owned by the County.

Anonymous said...

3:38: Dude: we all know that Katy is gay. Look, she makes is pretty obvious from the start, and we've all been around here for awhile. But I'm not counting sex as only P-I-V, are you? I promise you that Katy doesn't, and I've never met her.


Anonymous said...

11:26: Well said.

Anonymous said...

You are high if you dont think there is a difference between Baylor and TCU. Baylor got beat AGAIN. Thats two years of whining and complaining but not showing up when it counts. I am just glad that the nation got to see the thuggish behavior from baylors players. And Art Briles constant whining along with that creepy AD and PR firm. It was the perfect storm!