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Well, Baylor Is Up By 20+, Looks Like We Have A Cotton Bowl Victory !!!!

.... Wait. What happened?

But I am happy to report that the Baylor kicker did not die.

Edit (the next day):  There's always next year . . .


Anonymous said...

Edit: Well, how embarrassing for the Baylor bears of Baylor university in Waco Texas, USA.

Against the worst quarterback in the history of competitive football. Including 7 on7.

He underhand tossed it to a Baylor defender free to the end zone ....and Baylor can't score.
You miss field goals.
You can't tackle.
Hey, did Kendal briles, the son of art briles, call his first game?
I must've missed that nugget.

But hey, at least you got to play on a "true holiday"? (Wasn't that your quote) that way more people saw the embarrassment.
As opposed to TCU delivering a total butt-whippin' to a better opponent the day before?
Yeah, I guess playing today would be better.
Kendal briles!
Kendal briles!
Kendal briles!
Kendal briles!
Yay! Kendal!

Found this little piece of heaven in another post.
I figured I'd just leave it right here.
You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

That is how I feel!! Man what a game. :-(

Anonymous said...

How about that Baylor kicker?

Is he alive? Do we have an update on him?

Did he go to John Peter Smith?

Anonymous said...

Officials have said "he located a helmet and shoulder pads believed to be Callahan's. However the body could not be identified. We will know more after the autopsy."

Arlington officials after a Michigan state player leveled the Baylor kicker after a would-be game sealing field goal was blocked.

Anonymous said...

The dead kicker has a Twitter account:

Christopher Callahan ‏@chrispcallahan2 49m49 minutes ago

I am alive. It has been a great season. I am proud to be a Baylor Bear. #SicEm

Anonymous said...

Tell me again how good Baylor is/was.

Anonymous said...

Well, those fine upstanding, character filled Baylor student athletes (like Oakman)will most assuredly be looking forward to attending classes and pursuing their education come the spring semester.

Anonymous said...

If you get the chance watch the post game handshake effort from the classless Art Briles...speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

What a colossal blunder.

An unnecessary block in the back.

A face mask that cost a td.

A poor blocking fg blocked.

And an arrogant coach going for it on fourth down and giving the short field.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Gay or not gay?



DF Dan McDowell

Anonymous said...

There were football games today? The only game I saw was Mizzou/Minnesota.