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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • There seems to be a different news vibe to the Rhome shooting this week. It's hard to put my finger on it. 
  • Looks like they found some of the wreckage and bodies from the downed AirAsia airliner.
  • Texas and Oklahoma had combined bowl loss scores of 71-13. (Texas had only 59 yards with only 2 or those coming on the ground.) Not a good day for the Big 12. Makes me nervous for TCU and Baylor. 
  • Mrs. LL went into a crazy cleaning spree yesterday and put up all the indoor Christmas decorations. 
  • Ordered four Ticket posters from as a gift and they never arrived. 
  • Mrs. LL went back and re-watched the first four episodes of Breaking Bad. Knowing what ultimately happens make them even better. 
  • Man jumps off bridge. Walks away like it was no big deal
  • Sickness is one way to lose weight without having to exercise. I rather be able to jog again.
  • Get ready for "Arctic Blast" news over the next two days.
  • There's been an industrial size bag of Meow Mix in our office kitchen for the last month. I keep looking for a cat. 
  • I guess we'll never know what really was behind the Ron Washington retirement. 
  • Did Dale Hansen do his "Thank God For Kids" segment this year followed by a commentary? Five years or so ago, he really looked like there was something bothering him when he did it. 
  • The Messenger says the alleged robber of a Rhome Bank has been identified as Temple Fern Jernigan who is now in the Tarrant County Jail. I googled the name and found that a Temple Fern Jernigan from Haltom City was murdered in 2008. I haven't done the math, but it's possible that was the son of the guy recently arrested. This appears to be the photo of the robbery suspect. 
  • I'm not sure some of you understood my point yesterday of NYPD cops being disrespectful by turning their backs to the mayor. It happened at a funeral. Someone is dead. You are there to honor the dead. 
  • Sounds like there was another earthquake in Irving this morning. I've lost count of the number. Edit: It appears to be exactly at the site of the old Texas Stadium.  


Anonymous said...

Unless it's a stomach virus I gain weight when I'm sick. Eating lots of ice cream always makes me feel better when I have a sore throat or a cold.

Anonymous said...

NYPD cops are honoring the dead by turning their backs on the most arrogant, racists mayor in the history of that city.

John Russell said...

My take on Washington's resignation is that he was having an affair with a Rangers staffer. The staffer wasn't going anywhere so in order to save what was left of his marriage he resigned so that he would no longer have any contact with her. Maybe at the "suggestion" of his wife? Just a guess though.

Anonymous said...

Barry, you need to get healthy. You might want to read "You're Not Sick, You Are Thirsty". At least a quart of water per day circulates through the sinus and down the back of your throat to your stomach. As the weather becomes cool in the late fall people lose their desire for water and the lines at the pharmacys lengthen. They may drink more coffee which is a diuretic.

It becomes a problem when you do not drink enough water and the circulating liquid thickens. That makes you cough, trying to dislodge the mucus and the thickened fluid that plugs the pipes in your sinus. All the crud that normally passes discretely into your stomach now tries to exit your nose and mouth. That is one reason a hot shower feels so good when you get a so called "cold" or sinus infections from undiagnosed dehydration.

wordkyle said...

BG, your shtick about the NYPD funeral never gets old. I'll bet there's still a bunch of people who think you're really that tonedeaf. Who could ever keep a straight face while arguing that the cops dishonored their fellow officers by turning their backs on anti-cop mayor (and enabler of cop murders) Bill De Blasio? You're such a kidder. Using parody you pointed out the ridiculousness of such an argument.

Anonymous said...

Barry,you need to get right with GOD because some day,you have some explaining to do.

Anonymous said...

To all Dallas Cowboy fans:

I know we're all giddy about being in the playoffs and having a real shot to go deep in the playoffs. Well, I'm from west Texas and too broke to go to games live. I would encourage all of you going to the game to blow the roof off the place Sunday! GO COWBOYS!!

gern blansten

Anonymous said...

Nope. I think what the cops did was pretty shitty. Funerals for fellow cops is not a stage for commentary on your boss. By that's Yankees for you.

RTG girl: Hot

Few years ago Dale admitted to being somewhat sexually abused by a peer, and I think it was after a TGFK?

Anonymous said...

"Edit: It appears to be exactly at the site of the old Texas Stadium."

God's mad that his stadium is gone.

"BG, your shtick about the NYPD funeral never gets old."

This is only day 2, idjit. You've been on your shtick for what, your whole life? And trust me, it's old.

And it's no surprise that you're fine with that level of disrespect and selfishness at a funeral as long as the subject of your contempt is a "liberal". Hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm a cop, and predictably am not on Barry's side on the majority of the issues. (Seriously-- this man was a D.A.?!?) But I actually agree with him on this one. Hear me out:

As police, we often have to ask people to respect and submit to the authority of our office, if not to us as individuals. If we want to do the job, we have to show professional courtesy where the job calls for it, even to those whom we don't feel personal respect for.

The mayor is the top figurehead of the city that they work for. Turning their back on him while in uniform is unacceptable-- it dishonors the badge.

Outside of their uniform, they are free to do (legally) with as they please.

Finally, using a funeral as a political statement opportunity has the feel of dancing in the blood of the fallen. Did Mayor de Blasio equivocate some after the Garner death? Yeah, and it was slimy. I don't like him. But there was NOTHING that de Blasio did which directly contributed to Ramos and Lieu's deaths. They were murdered by Ismaaiyl Brinsley.

wordkyle said...

1013 - Do you have anger issues? Did your mommy not hug you enough when you were little, or stop breastfeeding too early?

You have so much to say, I don't know where to begin the questions. Idjit? Hypocrite? Where'd that come from? "On your shtick" What shtick? And my whole life? What's that about?

You see, I really want to know why you think what you think. You're pissed at me for some reason, okay, got that. But how do you support your thoughts? Or do you?

wordkyle said...

1037 - Thanks for the reasonable tone. It gives me the chance to respond reasonably.

First, there's no doubt that De Blasio added to the heat of the anti-cop rhetoric in NYC. He jumped on the "cops are racists" bandwagon. Their city was already boiling and he fanned the flames.

Secondly, the funeral is indeed to honor the dead, but it's for the living. De Blasio didn't speak at the funeral because of affection for the dead officer. He did it because it's expected of him politically.

Of course the cops in attendance were making a statement. Did the family appreciate it? No one's commented on that publicly. But the cops were side-by-side with the family, and it seems extremely reasonable to observe that De Blasio was not.

So yes, I argue that the mayor did contribute to their deaths. Public figures' words carry weight, and De Blasio's roiled the anti-cop fervor that led to their murders.

Anonymous said...

For proof that wordkyle's shtick is old, see every wordkyle post, ever.

Anonymous said...

Is wordy race-baiting again? His argument might make sense, you know, if the cops that were killed were white. Since they weren't, it's hard to see why they were killed by a minority for being racist. They were killed by a murderer looking for an excuse to kill cops, and of course wordy and the Limbaugh crowd jump on it to take political advantage of their deaths. Shameful.

Anonymous said...

Sir, I've many times had serve a political higher-up whom I did not respect. I did it, though, because --on that day-- that was the job. While I'm annoyed at any sight of militarization of police as a rule, I will concede that there is a paramilitary element to the job, and as such, believe that we must at times refer to the old admonition "Soldier, shut up and soldier!"

I have a colleague who went up to that funeral. Obviously he did it for the living, to show his respect to the fallen. But he had a certain decorum to uphold while he went in uniform. I've not yet asked him if he took part in the about-face.

But perhaps I've missed something. Can you cite a specific comment by de Blasio which could be interpreted as inciting violence against the police? Simple criticism of us doesn't count. We have to be able to stand up to criticism. We're above that.

Anonymous said...

Wordy your full of chit more than usual.

it's called decorum.

When one is in public, or a public figure, one needs to know how to act.

pointing out anothers bad acts as justification for someone elses bad acts is just plain stupid.

Your in a uniform, your in a public setting, and you hold a position of authority.

Act accordingly

Anonymous said...

Also? That RTG today has got it going on. She looks like a fun companion.

Anonymous said...

I see no difference in the NYPD turning their backs on De Blasio and Obammy not even acknowledging the murder of Brian Terry or calling his family and offering condolences with his allowing drug cartels to smuggle the guns that were used to kill him.

Anonymous said...

"I'm not sure some of you understood my point yesterday of NYPD cops being disrespectful by turning their backs to the mayor. It happened at a funeral. Someone is dead. You are there to honor the dead."

If you think DeBlasio was there to honor the dead, you are oblivious.

If you think the officers turning their backs on the mayor failed to honor the dead, you are equally oblivious.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking WK should start his own blog.

Oh wait...he already did.

Anonymous said...

When a right wing kook murdered an abortion doctor, Obammy immediately goes on TV to say that he was OUTRAGED. Two weeks later, when a black ex-con Muslim convert murdered an army recruitment officer and injured another officer, 2 days later, Obammy put out a press release through the local Little Rock office that he was deeply saddened. We know where his priorities are.

Anonymous said...

12:26 Where'd you go to Skool, Chico? It's You're not your.

Anonymous said...


My apologies. You are right. Oh, and you're an asshole.

I apologize again. I should not have said that.

You're command and mastery of the english language should be a lesson to us all.



Anonymous said...

12:43, you don't know sh*t. What does that have to do with the subject. You are just a racist Bigot. and not smart enough to carry on a decent dialogue.

Anonymous said...

I don't see anything wrong with what the cops did at the funeral.

DF Westboro Baptist Protester

wordkyle said...

1220 - De Blasio sat next to Sharpton at a forum in which Sharpton blasted the NYPD for racism and accused the cops in the Garner case of breaking the law. De Blasio did not defend the cops.

De Blasio claimed that he gave his biracial son special instructions on how to act when stopped by police, because he's not white.

Given the violent protests going on nationwide because of perceived police racism, De Blasio's comment and silence in response to Sharpton's comments increased the chance of additional violence. It manifested itself in the targeting and assassination of the two cops.

Loyalty and decorum by officials in not a one-way street. NY cops could not be expected to show solidarity with the man who just threw them under the bus.

You can't pile up firewood, set down a can of gasoline and a box of matches next to an arsonist, say "I wouldn't blame you if you lit a fire" and then claim that, because you didn't personally strike the match, you're not responsible for the ensuing flames.

that guy said...


I see what you did there.

funny guy

Anonymous said...


You must live in an all white world.

The mayor educating his mixed race son on how to act when stopped by the cops was prudent and good parenting. I did the same thing with my son, we are both white, but I did the same thing. No big deal, but you seem to think it's some kind of indication of perceived racism on your part.

So Sharpton said the cops were racist and the Mayor didn't counter his argument on the spot. He also didn't stand up and say "Preach on brother". In the land of free speech, Sharpton can say anything he wants even if you don't agree with him. And do you really think the mayor arguing with Sharpton in a public venue would have benefited race relations in NY City? I think not.

I also didn't know the mayor had the shooter on speed dial and directed him to shoot those 2 cops. At least, that's how you make it sound.

Just because a politician says or does something that sounds anti-government, anti-military or anti-law enforcement doesn't mean you have to jump up and follow them.

You of all people should know that since you are such a well known disciple of the President.

Anonymous said...

The mayor sat next to someone, so he is responsible for the murder of the two cops?

The mayor warned his black son to watch out because the cops treat minorities differently, so he is responsible for the murder of two cops?

Wordkyle, come on. Even Sarah Palin can't see that far from her back porch.

Anonymous said...

Hey BG--your Aggie on the sidelines is gone:

wordkyle said...

You guys try to make it seem like De Blasio's actions didn't mean anything, but he knew better, and Sharpton knew better, anyone with sense oughta better known better. Yes, De Blasio sitting silent while Sharpton raved made him a contributor. The mayor was explicit in explaining his instructions to his son were based on race.

Incidentally, it doesn't matter if you or I believe this. The NYPD believe it, and thus their silent protests.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Dale did the 33rd airing of Thank God for Kids. Then he did an unplugged was so sweet.

Anonymous said...


So now you have insider info to the NYPD. Your access to resources is astounding.

Anonymous said...

Of course a parent should teach his children how to act when approached or questioned by the police. Del Blasio, though, made a very public statement about it to fan the flames. It did not help the situation!

wordkyle said...

446 - "Insider info"? How did you infer that from my comment? What do you think the NYPD protests are about? My "resources" are the bazillion news reports on the subject.

To summarize: De Blasio threw his own police department under the bus on the Garner death, probably because as a Liberal he considered it his duty to holler racist when he had the chance. By doing so he added to the poisonous atmosphere toward cops.

A nutjob breathed in some of that atmosphere and killed two cops. Their race was immaterial to the killer, but an admirer of his said, "The cop should have been white that was killed."

The NYPD saw that their leader, the man they have to answer to, the one who was supposed to be on their side, had thrown them under the bus. They protested. Peacefully, and without damaging property or endangering lives.

Now, however, because of the increased threat to them (and also firefighters, apparently) they are no longer pursuing lesser crimes, and have been ordered to work in pairs. By definition that lessons the protection they can offer to law-abiding citizens.

Throughout the country police and firefighters have been targeted by assassination attempts and police threatened by mobs at crime scenes.

I'm not sure what reasoning prompts Liberals to argue that De Blasio and other public officials who have tried to exploit racial tensions are innocent of any involvement in creating this situation.

Anonymous said...


You have an extremely high opinion of your own point of view.

"The NYPD believe it, and thus their silent protests." implies you have some specific knowledge for knowing how all the NYPD feel about the subject. Out of the thousands of cops, you know how they all feel.

I will give you one credit though, at least you aren't burying us is links saying "look what such and such says about it".

Baby steps, taking baby steps.

Anonymous said...

1:29, Facts make me a racist?

Bear said...


What a tool. You continue to attack the messenger and not the message. Libs need to wake up and get real.

Anything to put down WK, that is your only goal.

What a pathetic life you must lead.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what reasoning prompts Liberals to argue that_________

Fill in the blank.

Thanks Wordkyle

wordkyle said...

718 - Let me say again -- do you not read newspapers? Have you no idea at all what the protests are about? It's not specific knowledge, it's general knowledge, common among those who are even casually informed.

I guess what's most amazing to me is that you're trying to use your apparent ignorance as a debate point. Instead of mocking the links I provide, maybe you should start reading some of them.