Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • So we have another missing airliner? If this one isn't found, I might join the conspiracy theorists.
  • I've been sick for almost a week. It's worse than a cold and less than the flu. But I wake every morning and think, "Is it gone?"
  • The homeowner who shot and killed a man in Rhome on the day after Christmas is described as "a  former peace officer with extensive firearms training." I wonder if this is him on Twitter. 
  • Mrs. LL trying to describe geocaching to my side of the family over Christmas was a golden moment. You could almost see the question marks forming over their heads. 
  • At Mrs. LL's insistence, she ordered The Interview. I watched most of it and found it stupidly funny (but my expectations were zilch.) 
  • The Family Cat was roaming around and shattered a drinking glass in the middle of Saturday night. That'll wake you up. Except I was the only one who woke up.
  • Sports: (1)  Jason Garrett was crazy for not pulling Romo, Murray or Bryant earlier. (2) Rewatched Baylor vs. TCU on Fox Sports No Huddle over the weekend. I have no idea how Baylor won that game. (3) What a vicious, yet clean, hit on Geno Smith (4) Josh Gordon was suspended after attending a Johnny Football party (Gordon was suspended because he missed practice the next morning. Johnny got suspended for missing treatment. What goofballs.) (5) Last spring, I saw a legitimate offer to enter a drawing for the opportunity to buy tickets to the college National Championship game but you had to enter it by a certified/registered letter. I actually did that and thought I might be selected since who would go to that much trouble for a chance just to buy tickets? I got a postcard a month ago telling me I was out of luck. 
  • The Update "scooped me" in an area they shouldn't have: The Fort Worth Court of Appeals deciding the Terry Ross appeal. I normally check for released opinions every Friday morning (that's when they release opinions and not just orders), but I didn't do it this week because I figured there would be none because of Christmas. They released the opinion on Tuesday, and no one noticed. 
  • The wife of the convicted ex-JP in Kaufman County is expected to enter a guilty plea this week. She testified in the trial she didn't have a deal with the prosecutors but she has one now. Are we to believe there were no plea discussions whatsoever before her testimony? 
  • I read an article from early this year in Texas Monthly about a triple killing in farm house in Pampa, Texas in 2005.  I had never heard about it. Man, it's almost exactly like In Cold Blood -- but with a survivor.
  • Rep. Phil King filed a bill to undermine anti-fracking ordinances as they did in Denton.
  • Watched some of the original Vacation this weekend and noticed, once the Griswolds got to California, that gas prices were over $2.00. The movie was released in 1983.