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Aerial Shot


What. A. Beating.


CT said...

Maybe so, but wish I was there!!

Anonymous said...

No more of a beating than a crowd at a major college football game. Guess if you like doing something, then it's not a beating.

Anonymous said...

1 in 200 there have ebola.


Anonymous said...

My family did this 3 years ago. Bucket list -great time! But never again! An insane number of people-too many!!

Anonymous said...

A beating is putting it lightly.

Can you imagine being from the south and driving to go do that?

Where do you effing park?
Where so you stay?
Freeze your butt off?
Rude New Yorkers everywhere?
Can you imagine listening to that north eastern accent all night?

For what?

I can watch lonesome dove till 30 seconds before 12.

Flip over. Watch the ball fall.
Kiss my wife, who has been asleep for an hour.
Then go to sleep, in my own bed, in Oklahoma.

I would rather have a finger amputated than go through that insane, rediculous, nonsense.

I bet everyone rides skateboards there.
But not just skateboards. I bet they make their kids wear safety helmets.
So gay.

Anonymous said...

No, 3:55-----------

They don't make their kids wear helmets. Get real, man. They make them wear Kevlar. It's more practical

Anonymous said...

Where do you pee?

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