Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Fort Worth police killed a guy last night because he charged at them with a "baseball bat and screwdriver." I use to track motorcycle deaths. I may have to switch to cop shootings since they seem to be more prevalent. 
  • TCU jumps Florida State to go to #3? Baylor is at #5 #6 ? They have the same record. And Baylor beat TCU, right? Or was that just a dream? This is making me insane.
  • "DALLAS - A man was hit by a pickup truck early Wednesday morning on Stemmons Freeway in northwest Dallas. Police said the victim had just been released from jail and had gone to a topless bar." #YOLO.
  • Last night Fox 4 had a story about the death of the daughter of a former Dallas Cowboys player and referred to him as "Cowboy Legend Pettis Norman" in a graphic.  I'll admit it: I had never heard the name of Pettis Norman in my life. 
  • Deion Sanders has filed a defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife. Here's an idea: Let it go. 
  • 660AM's Mark Davis spent five minutes this morning talking about how the taxpayer funded Omni Hotel in Dallas has been a financial success. But less than a week ago there was a story about how the hotel was having financial problems. How did I know that but he didn't? 
  • From the Update: The City of Bridgeport is shutting off the water for three hours this morning. Residents are not expected to have a water interruption. Wait. What? 
  • I dreamed last night I was walking around London with Family Pup #2. I took a picture of three buildings that looked like they had just been bombed by the Germans in WWII. I have no idea what prompted this. 
  • Kansas State coach Bill Synder does a great job, comes across as a grandfather, and sends handwritten notes to players of other teams.  I love that guy. 
  • I think I saw a story last night that the reasons for gas prices dropping is that OPEC is so mad about the dramatic increase in U.S. oil production over the last few years that the organization is flooding the oil market in retaliation to drive prices down. That actually makes sense. 
  • There's a story in the news of a family in Canada not burying a family member's body because they were praying for a resurrection. Few people remember the same thing happened in Wise County in 2001.
  • Hey, look: A global warming story on the front page of the Morning News . . .