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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Fort Worth police killed a guy last night because he charged at them with a "baseball bat and screwdriver." I use to track motorcycle deaths. I may have to switch to cop shootings since they seem to be more prevalent. 
  • TCU jumps Florida State to go to #3? Baylor is at #5 #6 ? They have the same record. And Baylor beat TCU, right? Or was that just a dream? This is making me insane.
  • "DALLAS - A man was hit by a pickup truck early Wednesday morning on Stemmons Freeway in northwest Dallas. Police said the victim had just been released from jail and had gone to a topless bar." #YOLO.
  • Last night Fox 4 had a story about the death of the daughter of a former Dallas Cowboys player and referred to him as "Cowboy Legend Pettis Norman" in a graphic.  I'll admit it: I had never heard the name of Pettis Norman in my life. 
  • Deion Sanders has filed a defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife. Here's an idea: Let it go. 
  • 660AM's Mark Davis spent five minutes this morning talking about how the taxpayer funded Omni Hotel in Dallas has been a financial success. But less than a week ago there was a story about how the hotel was having financial problems. How did I know that but he didn't? 
  • From the Update: The City of Bridgeport is shutting off the water for three hours this morning. Residents are not expected to have a water interruption. Wait. What? 
  • I dreamed last night I was walking around London with Family Pup #2. I took a picture of three buildings that looked like they had just been bombed by the Germans in WWII. I have no idea what prompted this. 
  • Kansas State coach Bill Synder does a great job, comes across as a grandfather, and sends handwritten notes to players of other teams.  I love that guy. 
  • I think I saw a story last night that the reasons for gas prices dropping is that OPEC is so mad about the dramatic increase in U.S. oil production over the last few years that the organization is flooding the oil market in retaliation to drive prices down. That actually makes sense. 
  • There's a story in the news of a family in Canada not burying a family member's body because they were praying for a resurrection. Few people remember the same thing happened in Wise County in 2001.
  • Hey, look: A global warming story on the front page of the Morning News . . . 


Anonymous said...

Baylor's win over TCU was fluky. The committee looks at the state of the teams RIGHT NOW. With Petty out and TCU playing lights out, it is a no brainer. This could drive those Baptists to drinking (in public, because everyone knows they drink behind closed doors)

Goober said...

In light of today's sports references:

"A hundred Delta Gammas, a thousand AZDs

Ten Thousand Pi Phi bitches who get down on their knees

But the ones that we hold true, the ones that we hold dear

Are the ones who stay up late at night, and take it in the rear."

(From Rugby Road, a traditional UVA fight song)

Anonymous said...

Baylor is at 6, not 5. tOSU is 5. So yeah, 3 spots behind the team they beat. Rage on.

Ernest T said...

Hate to tell you, but the biggest issue is the pre-season schedule for Baylor. Your "toughest" pre-season opponent was the University of Buffalo, while TCU's was Minnesota. That is probably the main thing keeping TCU higher right now, even though you beat TCU.

You can cry all you want, but until Baylor gets a tougher pre-season schedule, be prepared for this to happen.

Anonymous said...

I had a dream last night that the RTG was on me. Oh wait, she was. Tippy, tap.

Anonymous said...

I remembered the name Pettis Norman, but not much else until I read the story that he was a Tight End. That jogged my memory somewhat of him, but I don't know what QB era he played in.

Anonymous said...

Humans in no way contribute to global warming, Barry.

- DF Right wing conservatard

Anonymous said...

Look at their losses. Baylor's loss is against West Virginia, that's outside the top 25, and TCU's is against Baylor, who is No. 6.

Remember last week how Baylor squeezed by Tech? TCU Murdered Tech

Its about who is the better football team. Although i cant explain why Baylor isnt over Ohio State, I do agree with TCU being #3


Anonymous said...

Baylor almost lost to a much inferior TTU. TCU throttled the evil empire. Their head to head could have gone either way.

Anonymous said...

Another loss for bport boys basketball. You guys ready to tap the brakes yet? What's the problem? Kids not as good as advertised? Somebody tell me!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fort Worth police killed a guy last night because he charged at them with a "baseball bat and screwdriver." I use to track motorcycle deaths. I may have to switch to cop shootings since they seem to be more prevalent.

And what is your opinion or are you just being a troll?

Anonymous said...

Skippy, Any word yet on whether Darnell Dockett has had to resign for twittering about Shameekwa Obammy? Or Bill Maher or David Letterman about what they said about Bristol Palin? I'll get back with you tomorrow and the next day, and the next day....

Anonymous said...

The RTG needs me!I would give her the best 2 seconds I ever had.

Tim R. said...

The reason there will be no water interruption for residents is because of water towers. Most cities have enough water stored in the water tower to supply their city for about 24 hours. That is why you don't lose water when the electricity goes out. (Gravity fed. Which is why water towers are tall) The interruption will only be to the pumps that keep the water towers filled. If service is only out for 3 hours, then the pumps will easily be able to catch up and refill what was used.

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

LOL 9:03.... 1/20/15

No sympathy here for Baylor. Still not over 45-35.

Wow!!! That was a crazy story you linked to about the religious nuts in Boyd. I guess in 2001 I just missed that. Thanks.

Oil: Its going to be very interesting to see how far this move goes.

wordkyle said...

"I may have to switch to cop shootings since they seem to be more prevalent." To be thorough, any such discussion should explore the reason why so many young thugs feel they can attack armed citizens -- cop or not -- with impunity. When thugs try to violently bully such people, with the attitude of You're too much of a pussy to shoot me, there seems only one way to correct their misunderstanding of the situation.

Triple Fake... said...

"Look at their losses. Baylor's loss is against West Virginia, that's outside the top 25, and TCU's is against Baylor, who is No. 6."
9:02 AM
This was going to be my argument for their rankings.
And FSU moving down has as much to do with the change as TCU moving up. Didn't they barely beat unranked BC a couple of weeks ago by just three and scored only two TDs? Look at the scores of their other games - not that impressive and probably o-ver-rat-ed clap-clap-clapclapclap

9:12 AM explained it pretty well. The reason water is in a tower is to create pressure

Anonymous said...

Baseball bat and screwdriver up, don't shoot.

Anonymous said...

TCU's loss is to the number 6 team on the list. Baylor's loss was a beatdown by a 7-5 unranked West Virginia team.

Baylor Too said...

Whether the Omni Hotel has made or lost money is beside the point: do we want our local government in the hotel business?

Katy Anders said...

The people who talk about global warming in pubic seem to have the same problem that Rachel Carson had with her prediction about birdless forests - and the same problem that apocalypse prophets have an awful lot: They give an end date for their dire predictions and then look foolish when the bad stuff hasn't happened by that date.

The warming hasn't happened at the rate it was predicted (in part because of volcanic activity in the early 90s?) and the world didn't end when that preacher said it would.

That being said, the world is going to be overrun by aliens next Thursday. prepare! The end is nigh.

Anonymous said...

Barry -

I am very disappointed. The entire day passed yesterday and you never made mention once about Britney's birthday. A special day passed un-noticed for a Liberally Lean favorite. 33 years old! Wow!

DF Kevin Federline

Katy Anders said...

As a side note, my last comment should have referred to "people who talk about global warming in public."

Although there might in fact be individuals who discuss the topic "in pubic," I do not know anything about those people, nor am I sure I want to know.

Global warming in pubic sounds like a whole other problem, and one that might be fixed with some penicillin.

Anonymous said...

Pettis Norman was the first real good tight end the Cowboys had. He played for the team prior to the existence of the Super Bowl and pre-NLF/AFL merger. He was around during the days of the Ice Bowl with Green Bay. Don Meredith was QBing at that time and was followed by Craig Morton. He was also still with the Cowboys in '71 when the Craig Morton/Roger Staubach alternating QB plan was used by Landry. Landry eventually went with Staubach full time and he led them to Super Bowl V and a victory over the Colts. Duane Thomas was the big Cowboy RB then.

Norman was part of the trade that got Lance Alworth from the Chargers. That started the "Bambi and the Bullet" days for the Cowboys.

Anonymous said...

I would think katy wouldn't have global warming in her pubic.

Anonymous said...

On Dec. 10 it will be seven years since Al Gore said that the Arctic was melting and could completely disappear within seven years.

Instead of melting, the amount of Arctic ice has increased over the amount that existed at the time of his prediction.

If NOAA would take a look at the SAME locations for thermometers and database that they used 20 years ago then they will realize that they are lying.

Sam Brows said...

Utilization of "The Committee" was supposed to rectify the perceived problem of having the BCS Computer pick your national champion. A computer cannot utilize an eye test, it cannot take into account that in the last week of the regular season one team may have lost its starting Quarterback and have no viable backup at the ready...and it can't do a whole bunch of other stuff that a group of people can do. In this instance, the Committee has made the decision that TCU, as it stands right now, is better equipped to challenge for the Championship than Baylor and it made that decision by utilizing, among other things, many of those factors that the computer couldn't make use of. It is exactly what the Committee was designed to do and unless TCU goes out and lays an egg against Iowa State, that's the way it is going to stay. Sorry Baylor fans. All that said, I can think of a whole lot worse National Championship game scenarios than a second helping of Baylor vs. TCU. That was one of the best games I've ever watched.

9:51 Your obvious observation misses the point. People at large are not supposed to attack the Police. That's why we have a violation of the law known as resisting arrest. It is not possible to equip a police department with every conceivable potential weapon that a general population might take up, just for the sake of making things "a fair fight" when a dip-stick decides he or she doesn't want to be arrested. So we give cops guns and the right to defend themselves when attacked. Wake up and smell reality.

Katy, are the aliens of whom you speak friendly or of the "To Serve Man" variety?

Anonymous said...

There was a Dallas radio disk jockey who called old football announcer Jack Buck, Buck Jack. He called him Buck Jack because one time Buck called Pettis Norman, Norman Pettis. Or maybe it was more than once.

Jack Buck was the father of current NFL play by play man, Joe Buck.

And now you know the rest of the story.

Good day.

Anonymous said...

The same networks that hyped a Republican staffer's comments about obammy's daughters are now ignoring the sexual assault conviction of a democratic congressional aide. Donny Ray Williams(African-American) plead guilty to third-degree sexual abuse, two misdemeanor counts of sexual abuse and one count of misdemeanor threats. Skippy, you were supposed to keep us informed about your peeps shenanigans, but like the mainstream media, you are letting us down.

Anonymous said...

Right, Wordkyle. Be sure to include this one-armed, one-legged guy in a wheelchair, who somehow managed to "corner" a cop, so he shot him.

Anonymous said...


That was Blackie Sherrod, sports writer.

Anonymous said...

"Few people remember the same thing happened in Wise County in 2001."

Wise County has never been lacking in it's fair share of weirdos, murderers, and sexual deviants! Absolute job security for our Law Enforcement Agencies!

Anonymous said...

Strength. Of. Schedule.

It's the old "pick on somebody your own size" routine. The Baptists on the Brazos need to start adding some worthier opponents to the creampuff section of their schedule.

wordkyle said...

1212 - Did that guy fit the profile of behavior that I mentioned? In your haste to be anti-me, you revealed the shallowness of your brain pan. Try to think it through next time.

Anonymous said...

Did a one armed one legged man with a ball point pen act like such a thug that he had to be shot? Are you serious?

Anonymous said...

No the artic ice is melting, google examples of it and you will get numerous examples of the net. Glacier National park is a prime case visited 20 odd years ago and then again last year. The difference is amazing and look for national Geo mag from a while back featured photos from now vs years past again right before your eyes, even your right eye can see the difference!

Anonymous said...

TCU has three wins over current CFP Top 25
• Only loss came on the road on a last-second field goal to a top six team (My sources tell me the likelihood that team was Baylor was high)
• Did not lose to an unranked team by two touchdowns
• Of the seven common opponents Baylor and TCU have played, margin of victory has favored TCU in five games
• The most emphatic: TCU beat Texas Tech by 55 points. Baylor beat Texas Tech by two points.
• Has five wins over teams who have qualified for bowls, compared to just three for Baylor
• Has won six consecutive games

Anonymous said...


And TCU lost to who after leading by 21 in the 4th quarter with 11:38 to play?

Anonymous said...

Fort Worth police killed a guy last night because he charged at them with a "baseball bat and screwdriver." I use to track motorcycle deaths. I may have to switch to cop shootings since they seem to be more prevalent.

Here's an idea...start counting lawyer convictions

Anonymous said...

Kansas State coach Bill Synder does a great job, comes across as a grandfather, and sends handwritten notes to players of other teams. I love that guy.

Is this a case of opposites attract? There couldn't be another example of someone more different from you than Bill Snyder. You never cease to amaze me.

He is by FAR the finest college football in the history of college football.

Anonymous said...


He's a football? A college football?

Anonymous said...

3:05, I do not use magazines as a source of scientific data. I used to subscribe to Scientific American until they went Al Gore on me. The scientific data is available in square miles of ice in the Arctic from satellite photo data.

The website Whatsupwiththat has an ice page that is updated daily.

I am amazed how global warming can cause a 40 year record of ice on the Great Lakes to be broken. Or last year when Fairbanks, Alaska had the fewest number of days in their thaw cycle. Even though the Great Lakes ice broke records last year the ice formation is ahead of last year at this time and open water temperatures are lower than on the same date last year. I have a friend who flies supplies to Beaver Island on the north end of Lake Michigan when the lake freezes and ships cannot supply it. Last winter was their busiest ever.

For more science about climate you might also watch sunspot counts here:

Anonymous said...

I took a look at data on glaciers in Montana and the best information I found was a paper published in Quaternary Science Reviews. It demonstrates that glaciers in Glacier National Park, Montana retreated up to 6 times faster during the 1930′s and 1940′s than over the past 40 years. This did not surprise me, it was a lot hotter then and the suffering from crop failure was massive. Here is my favorite photograph from that era that show what was happening to people as the sun made it's presence known and the glaciers melted. That is cancer on her lower left lip: