Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • That wasn't as near as strong a case against the ex-JP accused of killing the DA, wife, and ADA.  But he was tried on a change of venue in the very conservative Rockwall County. That's the danger of asking for a change of venue: They'll grant the request and then send you into a snake pit. (Ask Darlie Routier whose case was transferred to notoriously conservative Kerr County.) 
  • Dallas County reported a flu death this week. Why isn't there a silly Ebola-like panic? 
  • It's Kids Jeopardy week.  A week which confirms how little I know. 
  • "With today's report, 2014 is on track to be the best year for U.S. jobs gains since 1999." Blame Obama. 
  • The Fort Worth Court of Appeals affirmed a conviction out of Jack County late yesterday with facts about a party that will give you Tired Head. 
  • The Cowboys went for it on 4th and goal last night. Before 3rd down, the official incorrectly announced over the PA that is was 2nd down. The camera then went to Jason Garrett who had no reaction. You would think he would want a clarification at that point. Is is possible Garrett didn't realize after the next play that it was actually 4th down when they went for it?  Hey, that exact thing happened in the Baylor/UT game where the official also announced the wrong down. Baylor ended up going for it on 4th and goal, didn't get it, and then the game stopped down because Art Briles was arguing that it had only been 3rd down. 
  • There's a case about a 12 year old kid named Tamir Rice, while holding a toy pistol, being shot by a cop in Cleveland. They were describing the video on The Ticket this morning and it sounds really shocking. I've heard almost nothing about it. 
  • I saw a Sheriff's Deputy running code red (or whatever its called these days) down College Street in Decatur this morning.