Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I really have no idea if the cop should have been indicted for the "choke hold" in New York, but I'm leaning "no." He's probably a lousy cop who exercises poor judgment, but he probably didn't commit a crime. 
  • But if there was anything that gives credence to my "Too Many Cops" rant, it's that video. How many cops do you need to enforce a silly don't-sell-cigarettes-without-collecting-tax law? How many was that? Six? Seven? Eight? Good lord. 
  • If you say, "He'd be alive if he hadn't broken the law", you are pretty shallow. That belief could be used to justify a cop shooting someone for speeding. 
  • The cops did a good job of handling the protests in New York. The crowds wanted to peacefully march in protest so the cops just calmly walked beside them. All went well.  In Ferguson, the cops would have put on riot gear and try to block the street. 
  • When it comes to getting indicted, it must be conceded that cops and prosecutors generally get a pass for illegal conduct. 
  • Fort Worth motorcycle death
  • There's some crazy/cool artwork behind the Decatur Visitor's Center which now has Christmas decorations. I'm not sure who decided to build that display there because no one ever sees it because of its obscure location. 
  • Watched some of one hour special for the Christmas tree lighting last night at Rockefeller Center. Mrs. LL said that all Mariah Carey needed for Christmas was a bra. 
  • I've never seen Miracle on 34th Street.
  • Heard from a very reliable source that Dallas DA Craig Watkins fired an assistant DA during a trial a couple of weeks ago for supporting Watkins' opponent, Susan Hawk, in the recent election. 
  • A man decapitated himself in public in Dallas.