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Bridgeport's Solar Plant That Never Was

In the 1970s, Bridgeport "flirted" with converting to 100% solar energy. Yep, you read that correctly. I know there was an article in Texas Monthly about it back in the day, and I'm almost 100% sure it was even a segment about it on 60 Minutes. So far, the only thing I found is this UPI article in a California paper.

The reason that this came up is that a loyal reader saw this news item from yesterday: "A federal district judge has ordered Waco-based Life Partners Holdings and two top executives to pay $46.9 million in fines for misleading investors about life insurance policies they had purchased from clients who were terminally ill, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission confirmed Wednesday . . . . Chief executive and founder Brian Pardo was ordered to pay a $6.2 million civil penalty . . . . "

It was Pardo who was the head of "Solar King" and the guy who tried to convince Bridgeport into believing that a solar energy plant was possible. Of course, it was not.


Anonymous said...

Pardo is now probably into wind turbines and no one is suing those con artists. They even got the State of Texas to pay for transmission lines that pass through Wise County. Problem is that there is no electricity passing through them today and they are not worth the scrap metal that could be recovered from the towers and lines. If you want to see alternate energy that works then take a look at the roof tops in Tel Aviv.

Anonymous said...

Follow me here...I'm brainstorming. Is there a way to harness the BS and waste from the judicial process in this country. That is an unharnessed totally wasted energy source. Just think of the potential.

RPM said...

I definitely remember this. Walter Cronkite did a story on the CBS Evening News when it broke and there was a 60 Minutes follow up.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad for Pardo that Obammy wasn't president back then. Obammy would have loaned him millions.