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Index 1975

  • Note that they listed the hospital room number for the kid hurt in the rodeo.
  • Shootin' Blind doing "comedy".
  • I don't remember Barton as a head coach of Bridgeport. And I definitely don't remember Henderson coaching the Middle School. (He looks incredibly "old school", doesn't he?)  I'm sure it was Andy Anderson who came in after V.M. Hill stepped down. Did something happen? 


Old-Timer Bull Fan said...

In the '73 season, the Bulls were positioned to win district. All they had to do was beat a vastly inferior Springtown team in the last or next to last game of the season. During practice that week, Miller and his Defensive Cood. got to letting some of the defensive linemen play in the offensive backfield, evidently thinking they would save Qtr.back Chapman & All-Dist. running back Isom for the playoffs. The Bulls lost to Springtown and let Decatur (I think) win district. The next year ('74) Isom was moved to quarterback, Chapman somewhere else, and the wheels essentially fell off. Isom gets hurt in the Grapevine game and Miller keeps trying to play him, and the Bulls finish 6-4. Coupled with not letting some Srs. in last game of the season against Jackesboro when they were down like 35-10 or something like that spelled the end for Miller.

Goober said...

Seems like Barton only lasted 1 season and then Max Moore took over as Head coach and maybe AD.