Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The Junior in The House is always looking at, and typing on, her phone but I rarely see her talk on it. 
  • World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner's series stats: An amazing 21 innings pitched, 2 wins, 1 save, and an .042 ERA. His current salary: $3.75 million which is a steal for the Giants. 
  • The game was in the sixth inning last night, and Mrs. LL wanted to watch a recorded episode of Survivor. My reaction? "Go ahead. I'm really not interested in this." And I was 100% sincere.
  • I watched the 30 for 30 episode on Brian Bosworth. For a documentary series which is great, there was nothing more cheesy than Bosworth and his son going through old memorabilia that his father allegedly kept in a storage shed. It was beyond scripted -- which was easy to tell when there's a camera from inside the shed filming them opening the door. And the goofy son kept smiling and laughing because he knew it was so silly to see his dad go into actor mode.  Other than that, it was great. And I loved watching all that old footage with Keith Jackson and Frank Broyles doing the call.  (Edit: The Ticket's Musers said pretty much the same thing at 8:25 a.m. this morning but I promise I wrote this before I heard it.)
  • Chris Christie has to think it is endearing to tell a heckler to "Sit down and shut up." Outside of New Jersey, he has no future.
  • So I make an unfunny joke involving J.D. Clark and some of you goofballs think I'm making fun of him? Hey, he got his name and picture on this blog days before an election. He probably would have paid for that. And his opponent will probably demand equal (unfunny) time. Lighten up. 
  • There was some type of "Pink Out" last week on the courthouse square for breast cancer awareness. It happens every year and a huge pink stripe is painted down the street on the south side of the courthouse. I've got to get a picture: This year the stripe looks like it was painted by someone who was drunk. 
  • Update on the number of people who have died after contracting Ebola in the U.S.: Still zero. 
  • I never really understood the Wall Street pit where traders are yelling buy and sell orders. The volume alone makes that method impossible.  And do they still exist today? 
  • BagOfNothing wrote today that he had never heard of the phrase, "As the crow flies . . . ." I find that amazing. Then again, I can't tell you the last time I heard someone say that. 
  • I missed one of the announcers in the Cowboy game referring to Decatur as "a small town" not far from there who had "cancelled Halloween" because of a high school football game. 
  • "If it turns out to be just the pain tolerance, I will play,’’ Tony Romo said. Isn't that the equivalent of saying "There is no amount of pain which can keep me from playing" -- a statement which has to be patently false.