Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • How in the world did any adult approve that Arlington Martin football t-shirt.
  • Regarding the crooked Pink Stripe on the Decatur Square that I mentioned yesterday, I got called out by email: "The line is painted, not by a machine, but by the hands of women in our community, each taking a turn and is an emotional and empowering opportunity for each of them.  I have attached a picture so that you can see the faces of the women we celebrate: the moms, aunts, grandmas and friends, for enduring such a difficult time."  Duly noted. 
  • I've received a couple of complaints about Wise County on the Web being down. It's not. It's a local computer issue. A few years back I suddenly couldn't get CNN.com or The Drudge Report despite the fact they were up and running. I had to tinker in a way I wasn't comfortable with.  This discussion is similar to something I used, but if any of you have any simple solutions, post away.
  • Nightcrawler is getting great reviews.
  • Funny bit I found out about last night while watching the Florida State/Louisville game. When your fans are so distraught that they put both hands on their heads, they are in the "Surrender Cobra" position. 
  • I think we had a real live Doomsday Prepper in the comments yesterday. 
  • The Crazy Homophobic at the DFW Airport was said to be charged with Class C Assault - Offensive Touching (punishable by fine only) as opposed to Assault Bodily Injury - Causing Pain (which carries jail time.)  I don't understand that. 
  • Bridgeport's Colin Jones got a sack of Drew Brees last night in the Carolina/New Orleans game. Photo
  • From the Update: "Rabbi Marty Cohen of Bedford will bring ancient Old Testament manuscripts to the 10 a.m. service at the Bay Community Church in Runaway Bay Sunday." What exactly are these "ancient Old Testament manuscripts"? I'm guessing he's not driving around with the Dead Sea Scrolls in his trunk. 
  • Are we never going to hear what really happened to Ron Washington? 
  • Random thing found on the web: "Douglas Patrick of Bridgeport, Texas, says his ’49 Willys CJ-3A has provided counseling during and after his divorce. His 'Beast on a Budget' build has a ’58 Hurricane F-134 engine, the original T-90 transmission, a Dana 18 transfer case, a Dana 25 front axle, and a Dana 44 rear axle." I certainly understood all of that. 
  • And in today's "There's No Racism In America" news . . .