Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Did you know in Texas that you don't have to pay property taxes on your homestead once you hit 65 years of age? They'll still accrue and become due once you die (and there's a tax lien on your property), but you don't have to pay the taxes while alive.
  • From the Update: "CITY SECRETARY TO RESIGN – Rhome City Council will accept the resignation of city secretary Ramah Burns and discuss that position in a meeting today at 6 p.m. According to the agenda, council members will also discuss the police bank account . . . . " Not sure what's going on, but Burns has been there forever. And discussing a "bank account" can't be good news. 
  • Cowboys: (1) Good for Colt McCoy. Always liked him. (1A) Did you see the interview of McCoy in the tunnel right before the game? I'm not sure I've ever seen someone so nervous.  (2) I was excited when they interviewed Jerry in his box during the game but disappointed he didn't say anything wheels off. (3). John Gruden beats me down. (4). Big controversy this morning on the proper ruling after the Cowboys interception. If Dallas has possession and the ball is knocked out of the end zone, shouldn't that be a safety? No one seems to know. (5) Loved the "no means no" moment after the game. (6) Did I hear one time that Colt McCoy's dad is a jerk? (6) Heard this morning: Colt McCoy's parents look like they came out of central casting for Friday Night Lights. (7) Well, it looks like my prediction of the Cowboys winning only seven or less is right back on track. (8) Jean-Jacques Taylor wrote a column last night that it would be a "disaster" if Romo is sidelined because of a back injury. ESPN pays him money for that? (9) Why was RG3 wearing a toboggan on the sideline? (9) Romo said he received an injection in order to get back in the game. 
  • The Daily Show is in Austin and promoting the appearance with the slogan "The one part of Texas we won't get shot at." 
  • Heard from someone who early voted in Denton who said she was basically accosted in the parking lot by two groups opposing each other on the fracking issue. 
  • Still mad at The Family Cat. 
  • Dallas ISD has 175 administrators who make over $100,000 a year. But no one cares about waste in education (or law enforcement or the military.) 
  • Craziest photo you'll see all week: Yao Ming and John Daly. That looks photoshopped but I think it's legit. 
  • Mrs. LL and the girls are addicted to geocaching. I don't get that at all. 
  • On TCU's trip to Morgantown this weekend: They will "fly into the North Central West Virginia Airport and stay at the Bridgeport Conference Center." (There are a lot of Bridgeports and Decaturs in the U.S.) 
  • The Republicans will win the Senate. The Republicans will win every state race in Texas.  That's not news. 
  • Second paragraph of a review of the Florida Georgia Line concert in Dallas last weekend: "And I would gladly endure [contracting Ebola] so long as I never again have to suffer the experience of sitting seven rows back from the stage while Florida-Georgia Line and Jason Aldean gleefully danced on the grave of one of the most purely American forms of art to the tune of cheers from 9,999 very intoxicated people."  And more: The "modern country music fan [is] privileged, a little slow, boisterous and in love with terrible music and terrible beer."
  • One thing I've noticed about flying over the last five years: The plane is always packed. That wasn't the case 15 years ago. I once took a flight to D.C. once and I promise it was less that half full. 
  • A long read from the Dallas Observer which I scanned but looks fascinating: "The Facebook Comment That Ruined A Life." And it makes you question whether the American criminal justice system is "the best in the world."