Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Heck of a unmanned rocket explosion last night as it was set to provide supplies to the Space Station. (1) That rocket was the product of a private contract which kind of hurts the "private sector is always better than the public sector" argument. (2) What exactly is the purpose of the Space Station?
  • Three boxes and a bag of unopened mail, some two years old, were found in a Dallas district court judge's office. "It included letters from defendants about their cases and some checks to pay fines and court costs."  Hey, is some defendant was told to pay a fine through the judge instead of the district clerk and/or probation, there's a bigger problem here.  
  • The Family Cat peed on New Family Pup. I agree with you guys: Something is going on. Now I just have to find a Cat Counselor who deals in Cat Depression Syndrome and acting out. 
  • Re me almost getting ripped off yesterday: Channel 8 had a story last night of some lady who got scammed in Rockwall when she got a call from a fake court official saying she owed a fine for missing jury duty. How did they want her to pay it? A MoneyPak Green Dot card -- just like my scammer. 
  • Thanks to all of you who called the scammer yesterday to jack with him.  The number probably won't last long but, once again, it is 442-237-1781 and will be answered by the Fake Escondido Police Department. Ask for Eric Matthews.  If you can mimic a voice right out of The Sopranos or The Wire, double thanks. 
  • The Rhome mayor resigned last night.  You know, for years Newark was considered the red headed stepchild of Wise County but Rhome has claimed that title going away. They have to get their act together. 
  • The release of the Top 25 by the College Football Playoff Committee was refreshingly great on ESPN last night. The show was only thirty minutes long and they got right to it. (Hey, TCU, did you see the high in Morgantown this weekend will be in the low 40s?) 
  • The video of the homophobic guy at DFW Airport getting restrained finally made it to the local news this week. At least a little. Man, it's true that if you want news buried with the best chance for the least traction possible, release it on Friday afternoon.
  • Man, I saw the Frontline episode on ISIS last night and they didn't censor some of the mass executions.  Good lord.  And their rise can be traced to the incompetence of Republicans and Democrats at the national level. We had no idea what we were about to do, have done, and are doing. (And Frontline may be one of the best under the radar shows there is.)
  • BagOfNothing posted video of the lady who walked around New York for 10 hours and recording the "catcalls" she received. That's the worst thing that happened to her? Lighten up lady. (Loved the guy who said, "You should say 'thank you' more.")
  • Offensive cop who might need a vacation. (Language warning.)
  • A Texas kid gets suspended from school for creating a 3D courtroom setting project for her criminal justice class which included photos of administrators and school board members? There has to be more to that. 
  • An "Oh. my" from the Update: "FREEDOM TEXAS – Freedom Texas will meet 7 p.m. Thursday at Pizza Hut, 501 S. Washburn St. in Decatur. This is a group that educates people about the sovereignty, security and self-sufficiency of Texas, and promotes its eventual independence."

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