Bridgeport Had A Liquor Election In 1971

Those opposing it in a two page ad in the Index in 1971:

During jury selection on DWI cases in Wise County, I normally bring up the old heated wet/dry elections to point out what a hot button issue alcohol can be for some people. But as time goes by, I'm beginning to get looks of "There you to be heated elections about that?" 

Ad in the same paper: 

A pro-wet ad (that could have used some jazzing up.)

And two pieces of gold on this page (one just for me). Check out the Chamber of Commerce "report". They don't take an "official position" but could they be any more obvious?  And I never knew my dad took out an anti-drunk driving ad back then.  (And, as I always say in jury selection, "No one is in favor of drunk driving.")