Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Random tweet I saw on Friday regarding the school shooting in Washington: "If twelve dead elementary school children at Sandy Hook won't cause changes in gun laws, nothing will."
  • I have it from reliable sources that a prominent Decatur banker was in Las Vegas this weekend and saw Official Liberally Lean Girl Britney Spears in concert. I'm jealous. 
  • Whatever happened to the crisis in the Ukraine? 
  • November 14, 2011 is the day that we had the last soldier die in Iraq in combat.  Edit for commentor: Do you know how to read the words "in combat"?
  • I was once in a board of directors meeting at a bank where they were discussing a church's loan that was seriously in default. The conversation ended with the Chairman, in a deadpan manner, saying, "Were prayerful." 
  • The goofy Texas Supreme Court judge was in rare form this weekend. 
  • I fed The Family Cat this morning. I petted The Family Cat this morning. Then it went over and peed on my suit jacket. Buddy, your days are numbered if you do that one more time. 
  • Very early Sunday morning I almost armed myself when I swore I heard someone downstairs. I got up to take a look and saw the mother-in-law roaming around. (I didn't get the message she was spending the night because her and Mrs. LL were going to do some mini-triathlon.) 
  • Sports: (1) How is TCU's Trevone Boykin not in the Heisman talk? (2) Give Gary Patterson credit for bringing in the Tech coaches to revamp the offense. But there is no question he has no idea how the offense does what it does. (2A) TCU is impressed by a school record 785 yards against Tech. They gave up 782 against Baylor. (3) TCU goes to WVU this weekend. I went to Morgantown a week ago and now ESPN's College Game Day goes to Morgantown. (4) "In Dallas-Fort Worth the Giants-Royals on KDFW (Channel 4) averaged a 6.3 rating on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. On Thursday night, CBS’ NFL offering that featured the Denver Broncos on KTVT (Channel 11) scored an 11.5." (5) There are sixteen one loss football teams in college and you can dang near make a case for all of them to make the final four. (6) After watching Real Sports, I was shocked to learn how little minor league baseball players make. They aren't part of the union. (7) Texas Tech is a 24 point favorite over the Empire in Austin? That cannot be right. 
  • I'm not sure anyone knows what the laws are regarding a "forced quarantine." That's something that doesn't come up every day.
  • In the weirdest wager ever, I bet Mrs. LL that "TCBY" either currently, or in the past, stood for "The County's Best Yogurt."  I lost and had to get a pedicure. (Which was a really weird experience.)