Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Edit: Oops. That's a repeat. Replacement . . . 

  • Ted Cruz certainly learned from Wendy Davis how to promote oneself. (Although Davis at least accomplished what her stated objective was -- albeit just momentarily.) 
  • Gregg Abbott had waffled on whether the "defund Obamacare" was the way to go, Rick Perry was openly against the tactic (calling it "nonsensical"), and David Dewhurst just hates Cruz.  But (I think) I saw that all three of them fall in line with the "Stand With Cruz" movement last night on Twitter. Man, does the old Republican guard fears Ted Cruz.
  • Cruz and all those who support the "defund Obamacare" movement justify their actions because "the majority of Americans" support the movement. Regardless of whether that is true, aren't those politicians the same people who always yell, "We don't live in a Democracy! We live in a Republic!" when the majority of people don't support their position-of-the-moment?
  • "The wife of a Burleson youth minister filed a wrongful death suit Tuesday against the parents of [an allegedly drunk] teenager who authorities say was driving a pickup that hit her husband and three other people on a dark road in southern Tarrant County in June." The parents? She's suing the parents? Edit: Someone commented that I must have missed the law school class that taught parents are civilly responsible for the actions of their children. Vicariously? Without any fault on behalf of the parents? You might want to rethink that one, hoss. 
  • "Ken Anderson, a Williamson County district judge who has been embattled over his role in the Michael Morton prosecution [because he hid evidence from the defense and was a corrupt DA] has resigned his position." To which I say: I can't believe he was still on the bench!!! 
  • Three Child Protective Services workers were arrested Tuesday in connection with an investigation into the murder of a teenager Alicia Moore of Greenville in 2012. I have no idea what this case is about (evidence tampering, I think), but it is another example of government workers suing government workers. It's like they create work. 
  • "The judge who held Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins in contempt of court has been subpoenaed by a grand jury looking into whether her ruling was improperly influenced by other judges." What did I just say? 
  • Wordkyle came in strong last night with an opinion that, "Most millionaires in America are in mundane businesses (like plumbing, or bricklaying) and made wise choices in life. They didn't inherit money or win the genetic lottery. Their wealth was the result of the choices they made . . . ." I love the guy, but do most Americans believe that? Or is the statement correct because it began with "most"?
  • And is the statement more likely false if "billionaires" is substituted in the place of "millionaires". All those Waltons on the list sure hit the genetic lottery. 
  • Some guy on here has called me an "ambulance chaser" for years. Again, an "ambulance chaser" is a term for a low rent lawyer who solicits personal injury lawsuits from recently injured individuals. I've never had such a case in my life. I don't mind personal attacks, I just prefer they be accurate personal attacks. Or at least funny inaccurate attacks. 
  • The Internet was abuzz yesterday with a video of an idiotic frat boy giving an intramural football team a crazy pep talk laced with about a krillion F bombs. Deadspin has posted an edited version with the Any Given Sunday music behind it. (Just like I know I won't like the guy who weaves in and out of traffic, I know I'd hate that guy, too.)
  • Channel 11 reports there is a billboard in Greenville urges prostitutes to get out of the business and become "Sugar Babies." It's sponsored by ArrangementFinders.com.