Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Mark Davis said this morning that Democrats were "startled" by the "boldness" of Ted Cruz. I think the correct term is "amused". 
  • " The trial of a former Argyle school board member accused of improperly recording video in a Sanger High School girls’ locker room in February 2012 is scheduled to begin today." I hope the defense attorney at least tried to challenge the constitutionality of the "improper photography" statute which was struck down by an appellate court last month. Yeah, you may want to make it illegal to do what the guy allegedly did, but the statute also makes it a crime to take a picture of a hot gal fully clothed in the park. 
  • Sports: (1) I wouldn't buy Cowboy Superbowl tickets just yet, (2) As a reminder, I said the Rangers would fail down the stretch but grab the last wildcard spot -- I may have been wrong, (3) Former Tech coach Mike Leach drops an F bomb on the opposing coach after putting a beat down on his team. (4) Jason Whitlock wannabee Jean Jacques Taylor tweeted yesterday during the Cowboy game that "Bernadeau strong on pass protection that snap". Translation: You guys aren't' watching the finer points of the game like I am. (5) Demarcus Ware became the all time leading sack leader for the Cowboys with 90% of them coming during trash time or meaningless games.  (6) I've always hated the phrase "The ground can't cause a fumble" because it's not true -- as RG3 proved yesterday. (7) Derek Jeter's girlfriend looks like she's 14. (8) So Dez Bryant can shove a defender into the first row for a TD catch? (8) Yeah, yeah, they haven't played anyone, but look at these Baylor offensive numbers: Their 25 TD drives are averaging 4.6 plays, 62.4 yards and 65 seconds. Eleven have lasted less than 60 seconds. Oh, my. (9) Greg "The Hammer" Williams went after 105.3's Mike Fisher this weekend. 
  • Is there anything better than a Fall morning?
  • Took the Family Unit down to the Baylor game on Saturday.  Hearing the Fifth Grader In The House say, "That was really fun!" on the way back is all you can ask for. 
  • I live in the house where the other three occupants were more giddy about the band performance at halftime than a 35-0 first quarter lead. 
  • Stopped in West for kolaches on the way home. The Kids chose the Sonic next door instead. (Sigh.)
  • On the way to the game we got behind a truck which had an NRA sticker and a bumper sticker that read, "Work Harder - Millions on Welfare are Counting on You!"
  • In a bit of embarrassing laziness, I trimmed my hair on the sides all by myself instead of getting a haircut a couple of weeks ago. When I finally got a haircut this weekend, the stylist looked at me and said, "That's how the mullet got started."
  • More Tom Delay: “Because I’m walking with the Lord, I had no burden. He’s had the burden. He carried it.”
  • Two adults and three children have been found dead in Rice, Texas. (Rice is in between Ennis and Corsicana.)
  • Any chance that companies are dropping health care benefits because of greed and simply using Obamacare as an excuse? No question. 
  • Even if you don't get or like Twitter, you would love the "History In Pics" feed. 
  • Unimportant Breaking Bad thought: I'd like to see the rest of that Jesse upper body strength. 
  • There's a Volkswagon commercial which basically reproduces the old Aha Take On Me video. If you know what I'm talking about, you love it. Right?
  • Remember the girl who couldn't stop hiccuping and was on all the national news shows? She's been convicted of murder