Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm not sure why there isn't more coverage of a near mass killing in a McDonald's in Fort Worth on Tuesday. Gun jammed, gunman goes outside and unjams it -- firing twice -- comes back into the restaurant and the gun jams again. One cop channeled Jules from Pulp Fiction calling it "divine intervention."  (As Vincent Vega explained: "That means God came down from Heaven and stopped the bullets.")
  • America won the America's Cup yesterday in a sport only the one-percenters understand or care about. 
  • The Rangers are down one game for the final wild card spot with four games to play against the Angels. What the ultimate beat down: C.J. Wilson and Josh Hamilton come back to keep them out of the playoffs.
  • A criminal court magistrate in Tarrant County (who I think is related to the Billy Bob's family) is placed on administrative leave but we don't get to know why? That seems wrong. 
  • An extra depressing fact in an Update post about a house fire yesterday in Lake Bridgeport: "A broken down 2005 Expedition sitting close to the house also burned."
  • I'm kind of surprised that the home in Alvord, which was the scene of a "home invasion", had security cameras that actually worked.
  • Troy Aikman, in all seriousness, said this morning on The Ticket thought he could still play in the NFL. (That boy must be suffering from concussion syndrome.)
  • I remembered a shocking case of two young Oklahoma girls being found murdered along a remote Oklahoma road in 2008. I looked the mystery up and learned that an arrest was made a couple of years ago of a man named Kevin Sweat. The last update I saw had the judge granting a motion to have "all three" murders tried at the same time. Amazingly, he's also accused of killing his girlfriend in 2011. (But it is beyond bizarre that all cases would be tried together.)
  • Came in from jogging last night to catch the kids scrambling with their plates from the living room to the kitchen table. My rule of "no food outside the kitchen" may be being violated. Just a hunch. 
  • There was a fantastic brawl in the Atlanta-Milwaukee game last night after Carlos Gomez hit a home run and crazily taunted everyone on the bases like a madman during his home run trot. The catcher was waiting for him.  (Video and break down here.)
  • Cumulus radio has posted a "help wanted" ad to replace Randy Galloway. (h/t Richie Whitt). The Ticket bought 103.3 ESPN earlier this summer and the speculation was they would put Galloway justifiably out to pasture.
  • Cumulus will also replace Sean Hannity nationwide with Michael Savage. (Although Savage won't help the nation's IQ).
  • Breaking Bad note: Go back and watch Walt watching the Charlie Rose interview in the bar. I'm not sure he's as stunned by seeing the owners of the company he founded as he is when  Rose says there are still reports of "the blue meth" being on the streets. Walt's eyes get slightly wider.