Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Republicans are shooting at each other in this silly Cruz-Defund-Obamacare stunt. 
  • Loved the crazy logic of Mark Davis this morning. He said that Republicans didn't have to choose sides but instead could "stand united." With that, he urged those Republicans with "frilly drawers" to "put on their big boy pants" and join him to stand with Cruz. Party unity at its finest. 
  • A lady was charged with the murder of her husband near Weatherford yesterday. Based upon her book-in photo, a defense comes to mind. 
  • Sports: (1) Peyton Manning was 21-24 for 264 yards and  3 TDs by halftime last night -- It kind of reminds me of when Joe Montana went to the Chiefs with tremendous success, (2) I'm not sure Longhorn fans will -- or should -- see QB David Ash again as he's suffered a second concussion this season on Saturday night, (3) Did anyone see the frightening scene of Green Bay Packer TE Jermichael Finley struggling to try to get off the field after a blow to the head on Sunday? It may just be me, but I didn't see that replayed hardly at all on the post-game shows. I wonder if the NFL is cracking down on the networks from showing the results of head injuries. (5) Ticket Fans: The prank phone calls utilizing the George Dejohn drops makes me laugh out loud. (7) And breaking Cowboy news: Jerry Jones said on The Fan this morning that Anthony Spencer will have another surgery and could be done for the year. 
  • When jogging yesterday I passed a lady walking her dog with a beautifully colored bird on her shoulder. 
  • I did a Google search on "speaks volumes" and found the phrase was once used by a prolific and conservative Letter to the Editor writer to the Messenger
  • I only occasional glance at Facebook, but I want to strangle anyone whose posts begins: "Repost this if you have the courage to say you love" your spouse/children/Jesus/your country/etc. 
  • Texas Motor Speedway announced plans to build a massive video board which is 79% larger than the one at Jerryworld. It's name?: "Big Hoss." Idiocracy?
  • For the first time ever yesterday, I saw the courtroom for the JP and the County Court at Law #2 over in Bridgeport. That's a really nice place. 
  • Mrs. LL played the "Alphabet game" (saying the alphabet by seeing the needed letter on a a sign or license plate) all by herself as we came back from Waco on Saturday. After she got to Z she yelled, "Winner!"  The rest of us just looked at her. 
  • A "high end" Kenyan mall was not something I expected to hear this week. But, man, those scenes inside of people hiding while a storm of bullets is raining down is frightening. And news now is that three Minnesota teenagers may be involved. 
  • As selfish as I can be (which is a lot), I always know the right answer when one of the Kids In The House asks, "Would you like to see . . . ."