Out Of Inspiration Comes Some Sorriness

From the D Magazine  Frontburner blog: 

Charity Boss Honors Dead Daughter by Paying Himself Healthy Salary. Thirteen-year-old Taylor Storch died in a skiing accident. Her heart was donated to a woman. Her parents, Todd and Tara, started a charity to increase organ donor registrations. They appeared in People magazine and on the Ellen Show. In 2011, the charity generated $163,000, its first full year of operations. Todd, the charity’s CEO, earned a salary of $100,000, plus $8,500 in expenses. Well, that’s $54,500 left to increase organ donor registrations. That’s a good thing, right?

The child's story was inspirational when Todd and Tara traveled to visit the lady who had received Taylor's transplanted heart:


Edit: Wait a second. Some of you are defending him? What if his pitch to you had been, "I'm here raising money for charity. For every three dollars you give me, two of them will go to me and one will go to the charity"? You donating?