Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The new Big Tex weighs so much more than his predecessor that this one will not use guy wires. (I hope an engineer was consulted -- Having the thing topple over and crushing someone eating a turkey leg would not be good.)
  • Explained to the Sophomore in the House that I disliked Oprah because of her "look at me" style. Less that an hour later we are driving and ended up behind a guy in a Corvette convertible with personalized license plates. I said, "There's a whole lot of Oprah in that car." She told me that was a horrible joke. Ma'am, that was a tremendous joke. 
  • Ok, "Where da goat at?" explanation: Three or so days ago I saw a photo on Facebook of a Wise County guy serving beer to his goat. It was really funny so I posted it. Later in the afternoon I got an incredibly polite request that I take it down, so I did. 
  • Remember the Argyle middle school principal who was accused of placing a hidden video camera in a locker room during her daughter's high school basketball game to see how much the coach yelled at the players? Well she was convicted yesterday of "unlawful interception of oral communications". (She was found not guilty of the goofy "improper photography" law.) Was it necessary to criminally prosecute her for that? A public reprimand or suspension isn't good enough?
  • Kind of goes back to my post the other day about government prosecutors suing/prosecuting other government workers all the time. It's like busy work. 
  • After the guilty verdict, the prosecutor and defense lawyer agreed to a probated sentence instead of having the judge or jury assess the punishment. But this is odd: The defense lawyer said he would now appeal the conviction. So the prosecutor agreed to a post-conviction plea bargain on punishment but didn't make it a condition that the defendant would waive an appeal? 
  • Glee is a big player in our house and last night they had a Beatles theme. The show began with one of the girls walking around singing "Yesterday" as a tribute to the cast member who died over the summer. (And every time I tried to walk out of the room they'd fire up another Beatles song.)
  • And I know the Comment Dog Pile that I'm asking for by mentioning Glee. Hey, I don't watch the thing -- it's just on. I'll just look up from my lap top from time to time. (But then normally the room begins "to spin real fast... cause of... cause of all the gayness.")
  • Explain this to me: Last night the attendance at the Rangers/Angels game was 26,198. The game against Houston on Wednesday night drew 43,207.
  • By the way, time is running out for the little Rangers. 
  • Hey: To the goofy guy who always accuses me of stealing from "Gordo's Corner" (which doesn't make sense due to that segment on The Ticket coming on after I post Random Thoughts), Gordon mentioned the Fort Worth McDonald's story early this morning when I posted it yesterday. He obviously stole it from me, right? I mean he mentioned a major metroplex news story so he could have only heard of it from one place. 
  • One of my weird life's pleasures: Eating at an airport restaurant before a vacation starts. 
  • I knew Ted Cruz would be crazy but I didn't know he would be so crazily entertaining. 
  • Ticket fans: Man, if you listen to the station over the Internet you will absolutely be driven crazy by the commercials of Progressive's Flo, Granada Theater, and "I'm having a stroke".