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Trial Lawyering Like Nobody's Business

Some law firm paid the Texas Lawyer magazine to send out this email blast that I just received. Holy cow! $30 million!  How bad of an accident was this? Was someone maimed? Killed?

Nope. The verdict was against a small welding company for "negligently" setting a fire that burned down 42 condos.  That's not particularly exciting. And get this: The small company had a liability policy of only $100,000, and the company offered that amount to the Plaintiff's lawyer from the beginning but he wouldn't take it. Now he's got a $30 million judgment he'll probably never collect.

Attorney Tony Buzbee said the verdict sent a message to out-of-town contractors, many of whom were accused of taking advantage of island residents after Hurricane Ike. "Don't sell us a bill of goods and don't lie to us," Buzbee said.

Message received! Check that. Paid advertising email received.