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I'm Still Learning Life's Lessons

So on Thursday night, as I'm about to go to bed very early, I hear "Ohhhh!!! It's soooo cute" coming from Mrs. LL as she looked at Facebook. She was on some dog shelter page of some metroplex city -- Irving? North Richland Hills? I have no idea. The Girls In The House rushed to the screen and reacted as you would expect.

The cause of this ruckus? What looked to be almost a full blood Yorkie that was on doggie death row. It was cute. Very cute.

And here is what followed.

Kids: "Can we get her?"

Me: (Very smugly because I know everything): "There is no way someone won't pick up that dog. We paid a krillion dollars for ours. It'll be snatched up in no time."

Kid #1: "But what if it isn't?"

Me (Feeling very confident): "It'll be gone tomorrow."

Mrs. LL (as skillfully as Racehorse Haynes): "But if it is still there, can we get it?"

Me (Feeling a slight panic realizing my bluff had been called but deciding to go all in): "Absolutely."

Kids: "Yeeaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!"

Me: (Heading upstairs knowing I'm the smartest guy in the room).

So yesterday Mrs. LL sent me a picture of me and The Family Pup saying, "This is such a good picture."  I replied that the dog was better looking than me. She sent back the above picture with the message, "Not as cute as this girl."  I thought that was a cute picture of The Family Pup.

I could stop right here because you know what happened. When I got home the house was empty so I decided to check on The Family Pup in the back yard. If I could have anything, I want a picture of my face when I looked down and saw two of them. I had completely forgotten about the above conversation, but it came rushing back to me at the speed of light.