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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm not sure I've ever seen a bigger question mark than the one that formed over Mrs. LL's head when she looked up and saw Dennis Rodman on This Week with George Stephanopoulos.
  • I caught most of Office Space this weekend. Still funny. Very funny.
  • On Friday evening Mrs. LL asked me "what I had planned" which gave me Slump Shoulders because I'm a bum and did want to do anything but stay home. Her reply? "Hey. Calm down. I'm sitting here in a tank top and sweat pants. You think I've got an agenda here?" Made me laugh.
  • Sheriff Joe broke his shoulder and was hospitalized  Even though I can't stand the guy, I was sorry to see that happen. He's 80.
  • Nolan Ryan will be out as Rangers president by the end of spring training? (And I love how the Star-Telegram breaks this story in a Randy Galloway column since they have agreements to share "sports stories" with other publications.)
  • 85 degrees today?
  • I helped (just a little) a guy this weekend who is moving into an apartment since he's getting a divorce. Talk about depressing. 
  • Baseball question: This video is all about a pitcher taking out a runner trying to score from third. (Pretty crazy.) But no one notices the guy on second score even though the guy on third gets into a fight and never scores. So how does that go down in the boxscore?
  • Anyone see the first episode of "The Bible" on The History Channel?
  • Mrs. LL was sad because a teenage relative seemed depressed because she wasn't doing anything for Spring Break (and she's had a hard life -- mom died in a car wreck that she was in.) When I suggested we take her with us for for next week's trip, Mrs. LL teared up. She thought I was sweet. I was thinking that two teenagers will require less of an Entertain-Me-Factor than one. 
  • Anyone see the end of the Baylor game on Saturday? With one second left they were tied with Kansas State and throwing the ball in under their own basket. A guy launches the full length of the court, no one touches it, and it goes out of ball. K-State takes possession under their own basket, throw it in, and sink a three pointer. Ball game. 
  • I heard about the horrible story pictured below -- and it is horrible -- but what's up with the hat in the wedding photo? Is that some Jewish thing? Amish?