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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I've never seen "The Big Lebowski." I bet I'd like it, but I saw the preview of it while in a movie theater back in the day and it looked awful. That feeling sticks with me to this day. 
  • I had the worst "bear trap" moment yesterday with an old friend I hadn't seen in years. Asked her how she was doing. She told me she had cancer. I felt a cross of awkwardness for me but so much pain for her.
  • In a non-reported story from a couple of years ago, a defendant in a Wise County misdemeanor case secretly bought the lunch of a juror at Chili's during a lunch break. The juror had seen him in the restaurant and a quick interview by authorities with the waitress confirmed the juror's belief. He's now in federal prison on unrelated charges. 
  • wrote today that "I think I’ve only seen two lightning bugs (fireflies) in my life." As a kid, I remember tons of them being around. The woods behind my house would light up with them.  In the last ten years, I've seen one. (And, boy, did I ever stop down and watch that thing for as long as I could.)
  • Courtney Stodden was always a borderline "Hey, Now" but maybe not so much now. That what old age will do to you. 
  • My update on my new workout routine: It's now a no-brainer. I'd much rather do my old five mile comfortable jog than my new program of 16 reps of 45 second intense exercises. And I never dreamed I'd say that. 
  • There's a Campisi's coming to Camp Bowie Boulevard in Fort Worth. You know, I only ate at the Dallas location once, but I loved it. Flashback: But the Dallas location is also associated with the shooting of a major league umpire in 1991. 
  • Sports: (1) Why are the Rangers letting this Nolan Ryan vs. Jon Daniels story just flop around? Someone needs to take control. (2) The Rangers will not make the playoffs. (3) MLB's decision to make the season begin with an "Opening Weekend" is a great idea. (4) NFL: I promise that I wrote before UT's Vince Young was drafted that his talent would be completely wasted because NFL coaches wouldn't know how to use him.
  • I've never seen an episode of "Downton Abbey" and up until a week ago I thought the name was "Downtown Abbey."
  • Now that the NRA is sponsoring the Texas NASCAR race, what are the odds of Ted Nugent making an appearance? I'd say, uh, 100%.
  • I wonder how those guys in Guantanamo Bay are doing? What is it now? Over ten years with no trial?
  • Mrs. LL is now on Day 8 of her vegetable juice. She's losing weight big time, but, for unrelated reasons, I'll be glad when she's done. My very scientific study suggests that eight days of vegetable juice can make a person a tad bit irritable. 
  • I said three years ago I'd get out of the stock market if it ever reached 14,500.  It might be harder to do than I thought. (And I'm not bragging about investment prowess: I'm a guy who  invested in American Airlines, Worldcom, and Enron. Seriously.)