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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Another gas leak. Another house destroyed. This time in Lake Highlands.
  • There was a hit (a cop car) and run last night in Dallas. But check out the guilty vehicle -- an El Camino with tricked up wheels. 
  • I was explaining what a Molotov cocktail was last night when it occurred to me I didn't know why it was named that way. And I've yet to search the Google for an answer.
  • Senator Rand Paul conducted a filibuster last night in the Senate over the issue of drone strikes against U.S. citizens on U.S. soil.  But that was the worst filibuster ever. First, he quit at midnight which is hardly an Herculean effort. Secondly, other senators got to speak at length so Paul didn't even have to work that hard.
  • I think the U.S. would never do such a drone strike. Then again, the government kills a man "armed with sticks" by Lake Grapevine and no one bats an eye. 
  • Mark Davis said on the radio this morning that he is actually fine with the federal government killing "enemy combatants" with a drone on U.S. soil in "limited circumstances." Incredible. He said the determination of who is an "enemy combatant" can be made by the "intelligence forces of the United States." Double incredible. "It's a trust issue," he said. Triple incredible. 
  • Mrs. LL saved a puppy on the loose last night in the neighborhood.
  • Yeah, I agree: The White House stopping tours because of the sequester is nothing but a stunt. 
  • Jodi Arias will answer 150 questions from the jury. What kind of kangaroo court system does Arizona have? 
  • I watched Bill O'Reilly go off on Alan Colmes from this Tuesday. Man, that guy has an anger problem. He has grown up much from his "Do it live!" days.
  • Deion Sanders and his crazy wife are actually having a divorce trial in front of a jury this week. Listen, if your divorce case goes before a jury, one or both of you have serious issues. 
  • I never dreamed I would see this headline: "County, private lockups sit empty, drain money as Texas prisoners dwindle."
  • Mrs. LL has taken up sleepwalking. Have I mentioned this? Last night she got up, opened the bathroom door, then turned around and walked over and slowly picked up pillows off of a chair and dropped them on the floor as she giggled. I can always tell when one of her episodes is about to start because she will thrash in the bed.