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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Couldn't decide.
  • Hot justice opinion: If Jodi Arias is acquitted, which seems extremely unlikely, it will happen because of one thing -- the jury has been infected with the Stockholm Syndrome because of listening to her for so long. 
  • When I mentioned that theory to Mrs. LL last night, I called the "Stockholm Syndrome" the "Helsinki Effect" which is the title of some obscure book from 2001. I have no idea how my brain works. 
  • Daylight Savings Time this weekend. 
  • The news broke this morning that the unemployment rate is now at a four year low of 7.7%. Combine that with the stock market at an all time high and what we have here is what we call A Republican Nightmare. 
  • A non-story: The indictments against the Grand Prairie teacher who allegedly  hit the kid and then took off a couple of months ago were voluntarily dismissed by the prosecutor. Why? The defense filed a motion to dismiss them because they didn't have an opportunity to present their side of the case to the grand jury as promised by the prosecutor. That's a dumb motion. It would never be granted. That's a publicity stunt. But the prosecutor then dismissed the case and will present it to another grand jury, not because they had to, but to counter the publicity stunt. "This office is all about credibility and doing the right thing," they said. 
  • For some reason, I'm close to putting Justin Bieber in my Nancy Grace/Ann Curry/Sheriff Joe category. 
  • I drug my parents to an office in Bridgeport in 1996 to show them the Internet because I thought it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. In 2013, I still hold the same belief.
  • I've never felt so old: Today is the 30th anniversary of the birth of New Order's Blue Monday. Still love it. 
  • Ted Cruz is going to be solid gold entertainment -- until Texas ultimately becomes a blue state. 
  • A moment that made me pause as I scanned the Update this morning: "NO SERVICE is scheduled for Sandra Berneice Cagle, 69, of Wichita Falls. Coker-Hawkins is handling arrangements."
  • I bought an iPad this summer with a great deal of trepidation. Verdict: I love it. I hardly use my laptop at home anymore. 
  • Heard on The Ticket this morning that a new college football rule is that the quarterback will no longer be able to spike the ball to stop the clock if there is less than three seconds left. Really? What is the purpose of that rule. 
  • Speaking of a "Motion to Dismiss" an indictment, that request cannot be honored in Texas criminal law except in the area of Speedy Trial violations. Prediction: The trial court dismissing the case in Dallas yesterday after DA Craig Watkins refused to testify will be reversed.