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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

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  • There was an ad on the radio this morning promoting the Tarrant County District Clerk's passport services. Someone explain that to me.
  • Springtown motorcycle death.
  • I'm not sure why this hasn't received more coverage, but a Grapevine veterinarian was murdered in Saginaw last weekend. She and a couple of girlfriends had a mini-bachelorette party in the stockyards and got crossways with the soon-to-be murderer(s) when one of the ladies threw up near the murderer(s) car. Bullets into their car quickly ensued.
  • Not that it matters, but the vet was arrested last year for public intoxication in Denton County.
  • There were a bunch of deputies hauling arse to Rhome around noon yesterday. What was that about? 
  • The NRA sponsoring the NASCAR race at the Texas Motor Speedway in April is genius. It's all over the news this morning which is exactly what they wanted. But questions: (1) Did the race not have a sponsor despite being weeks away? (2) Anyone seen a guess as to how much the NRA paid? (3) Will the winner of the race be presented with AR-15s?
  • spot cash
  • Someone on here said it the other day and they are right: Criminal defendant Jodi Arias looks like Houston kid killer Andrea Yates.
  • Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle yesterday: ‘If you want to write us off, go ahead.’ Okay. 
  • Baylor's Britney Griner broke a single game Big 12 scoring record with 50 points last night. There was no question she was left in the game to get the record, but why in the world was she pulled when the all time Baylor record was 54? I bet Coach Kim Mulkey didn't know that. 
  • Any chance Cowboy Josh Brent will receive probation for the Intoxication Manslaughter death of a teammate last year? A Tarrant County jury last week gave probation to a man who, while driving drunk, smashed into a tree and killed two of his passengers. 
  • And a Chico man who killed his passenger in a wreck while drunk in downtown Fort Worth goes on trial this week. 
  • Downtown Fort Worth doesn't need this: A man was stabbed there last night. Then again, that could have been avoided if he hadn't asked two homeless men where an open bar might be at 2:15 a.m.