The Campaign For DA


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Dick's Sporting Goods has suspended semi-automatic rifle sales. Wow.
  • The NRA took down their Facebook page yesterday. Courageous or cowardly?
  • Prediction: New Dallas ISD Superintendent Mike Miles will be gone within 12 months. His inability to follow the rules and his arrogance once called out will be his downfall.
  • The home invasion in Decatur yesterday (see Update) sounds fishy.
  • It's the great Christina Aguilera's birthday.
  • That's the best picture of Adam Lanza?
  • Josh Hamilton might be slightly smarter than Dez Bryant but no one will ever question Bryant's effort. (And after Saturday's press conference, Hamilton needs to get some scene control over his wife.)
  • In the 70s tomorrow with wind gusts up to 40. It is not beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
  • The Stepkids In The House may be stepkids but they are good stepkids.  Respectful and sweet. I kept waiting for an explosion that never came (knock on wood.) 
  • Prediction: The Dallas Cowboys will not make the playoffs.
  • Great pro-gun caller on the Mark Davis show today: The Second Amendment is there to protect the citizenry from the government.  All of the Bill of Rights are there not to protect us from each other but to protect us from government intrusion and over-reaching. 
  • "School Lockdown (Haltom City) Multiple PD officers are responding Code 3 to Birdville Elementary at 3126 Bewley for a reported person with a gun." Thirty minutes ago.