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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Springtown "spanking case" is borderline nuts as the school board changed the policy last night to allow men to paddle female students. Prediction: That gets changed within the week once they hear the outcry. 
  • And we've seen some Springtown mommas ham it up for the news cameras, but where are the daddies?
  • I had no idea that corporeal punishment was still dished out in school. But its even more incredible because these kids are teenagers.
  • That was one exasperated dad on Fox 4 last night who was sitting in front of 31 months of tollway bills for his son. None of them were past due, they just all arrived at the same time.
  • Another sexual assault on the SMU campus but this time it's between two males. 
  • The end of the Green Bay / Seattle game last night may be the nail in the coffin for the replacement referees based upon the final play. (If you haven't seen it, track it down.) And Clay Matthews was so angry that he purportedly posted Roger Goodell's phone number (if that is a private one, he's in big trouble.)
  • The Musers this morning said that the call wasn't "obviously wrong." They took a beating on that one. 
  • But I knew it was a big deal when Mrs. LL's first words to me this morning was, "What happened in that game last night?" 
  • Someone nicknamed the catch this morning as, "The Inaccurate Reception." 
  • Want to see a wreck where a guy goes through a windshield and lands on his feet? Sure you do. 
  • Speaking of wrecks, something happened on 287 south of Rhome this morning causing an 18 wheeler to end up in the opposite bar ditch and prompting the dispatch of a couple of ambulances. It's right there at CR 4838 where everyone makes mad dashes across 287.
  • Mrs. LL and both got new car registration stickers. This morning, I discovered mine is on hers and hers is missing. She has a project now. 
  • One of my taillights burned out. When you can replace it without having to get out a single tool, that's smart engineering.