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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Odd moment last night: The Kids In The House had to explain a Modern Family joke to us. (It involved "Yo Gabba Gabba". I had never heard of it.)
  • Mrs. LL played three notes of a song on a guitar and asked me to guess it. I was correct: Oasis's Wonderwall.  I was so busy slapping myself on the back that it didn't dawn on me until much later that it was her, not me, that I should have been proud of. After all, she played the notes.
  • I'm surprised the NFL refs compromised at all in reaching their agreement last night. Heck, it seems like they could have upped their demands to a point higher than their original first offer. They were in an absolute position of power. 
  • Considering the paranoia that football has over injuries right now, it seems amazing that there was ever an ESPN bit called "Jacked Up!" (It doesn't exist anymore, does it?)
  • Motorcycle death in Denton yesterday.
  • Something I say way too much before I make a point, "There's no question that [insert point]"
  • Wordkyle wanted me to let you know of a good cop in the Lubbock area. 
  • One Fox 4 story that absolutely shocked me yesterday was this guy describing how he was the victim of a home invasion robbery by three guys.  The report then described, with video footage, how those guys were seen using the victim's credit card in a nearby convenience store immediately thereafter. But   the store's video footage also had a shocker: The victim's teenage daughter was voluntarily with the robbers. She had set the robbery up.
  • Seven dead in wreck in Oklahoma panhandle yesterday.
  • Alvord's Homecoming parade will have "A Trip Through Time" theme with floats representing "Stone Age, Medieval/Greek, Wild West, 50s, Hippies, and 80s."  Isn't that theme just a tad bit broad?
  • The Fourth Grader In The House told us shortly before bedtime that she had smelled a skunk outside. About thirty seconds later, Mrs. LL was overcome with smell inside the house and fled out of the room. The Freshman-In-The-House and I, however, smelled absolutely nothing.  We haven't talked about it yet, but I think Mrs. LL suffered a bizarre episode of a psychosomatic manifestation. "You don't smell that!? You don't smell that!?" 
  • The Rangers lead is down to two games. But even if I remember that next year, I won't be able to convince myself that a Ranger's game in the dog days of summer actually is important.