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Draft Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Former Facts of Life star Blair (and metroplex resident) is taking part in Survivor. But it was disheartening to hear that she and her husband have divorced after 24 years. 
  • The Texas Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case concerning what you can recover if someone negligently kills your pet: The fair market value (which has always been the law) or the fair market value + the value of the loss of companionship (which the Fort Worth court of appeals ruled a few months back).
  • Football point: I continue to believe there is no "neutral zone". You either line up offsides or you do not.
  • Man, it was a bad week for Romney when he had to release his  income tax return to try and deflect from his 47% distraction.
  • I never saw this story of a Texas lawyer who got fired because of a series of profane emails. It made the "Best Of' edition of the Dallas Observer.
  • Whatever happened to Greg Kinnear?
  • There's a show on PBS called The Daytripper which features a guy going to different Texas towns. This week he returned to Bastrop after the devasting fire last year.  Man, it made me sick. 
  • More Americans now die of suicide than car crashes. And they believe suicides are probably under-reported.
  • I mentioned a Tulane football player, Devon Walker, a couple of weeks ago who was the subject of an erroneous report that he received a tracheotomy on the field.  I heard over the weekend that he is still not breathing on his own.  There is a deep concern growing inside me about sacrificing young people for football.
  • Greatest headline ever.
  • Fox 4's Lauren Pryzbel is engaged
  • The most gay Aggie football picture in the history of ever that doesn't involve Yell Leaders. Oh, my. (Thanks, emailer.)
  • Not many details about a crime that left a lady in a ditch on the Wise-Tarrant-Denton county border
  • Ann Coulter, who was on This Week, looks like she does meth. And I'm serious.