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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I made fun of Eddie Money playing at the Runaway Bay Country Club a few years back, but he is funny in that new Geico commercial. Just the look on his face when he does the last "wooo ooooo oooo". 
  • One of my lawyer buddies got held in contempt for being late to federal court and was fined $50. He showed me the printed receipt after paying by debit card and it said "Fine/Contempt" at the top. 
  • The Rangers have been in critical games over the last two weeks and they've been money every time. But I stick with my prediction of not winning a playoff series.
  • The Tarrant County  teacher convicted a couple of months ago of Improper Relationship with several students (who were not minors) will be the subject of 20/20 tonight on ABC. My DVR is fired up.
  • The Springtown teacher arrested for meth possession yesterday demonstrates the idiocy of our drug laws. Cops claim she has used the stuff for ten years while the school says she has taught there at "least 10 years and has received awards from the PTA and fellow teachers." She was turned in by a snitch trying to save her own skin. Had that not occurred, she would continue to be a successful teacher and none of us would have a problem with her.
  • The Israel Prime Minister might be a bit of a Drama Queen -- he bangs the war drums far more loudly than the Israeli people care to. But the Obama haters will never accept that.
  • We are "dog sitting" the big Doberman again. Not sure what I think about this. 
  • And Mrs. LL told me that she'll be a chaperon at a school function tomorrow. "It lasts from 6:00 a.m. to midnight," she fired off in an email. Uh. Come again? I guess the big dog and I can tear up the town. 
  • Jim Knox interviewed a Ranger fan after the game yesterday and immediately got pelted with an F Bomb from a gal who also wished her mom a happy birthday.
  • Got a report of some road rage with guns south of Decatur on 287 yesterday evening.
  • There needs to be much more detail to this, but one Fort Worth police officer is under investigation for behaving very badly.
  • The Tarrant County DA's office is having a bake sale today but appears to be engaging in socialistic pricing
  • Mrs. LL is going to be in a crowd scene of an upcoming Dallas episode. Filming today.
  • There are a lot of sports talk people who are really bent out of shape about the announcement of a Victoria's Secret store opening at Cowboys Stadium. That doesn't bother me a bit.
  • It may be true, but the story in the Update about the man shot after allegedly surprising burglars sounds a little suspicious.