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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I turned on Wimbledon for a second yesterday and caught Mrs. LL staring intently at the screen. Tennis fan? Nope.  She wanted to know why it was necessary for the ball boys to sprint to get the ball once play stopped. 
  • If you were interested in the Denton prosecutors-being-fired story, you have got to read this from the Record Chronicle from over the weekend. At least one of them got a raw deal. 
  • Here is Channel 8's coverage of the teenager killed by a train in Alvord on Saturday. Photos included.
  • Got caught in the weird rain storm when the sun was brightly shining yesterday. I've mentioned before that the weather oddity was referred to as "The Devil must be beating his wife" when I was a kid. 
  • I saw most of Road House for the first time yesterday.  It may be the greatest bad movie of all time. Never have so many fights broken out in so many places.
  • Chinese guy walking a tightrope backwards while blindfolded.What could go wrong?
  • My next yard project was to put limestone edging around a tree.  We're talking about a 10 foot by 10 foot square that is on a pretty good slope.  Let's just say that after working on it all day Saturday I discovered that I am not an engineer.
  • I've never seen players scramble off a baseball field like they did last night at the Ballpark in Arlington after the lightning strike. But it is funny to watch all the reactions. 
  • I may have lots of flaws but not being disciplined is not one of them. 
  • Mrs. LL will text one of the kids who is in another room from time to time. I guess it's better than yelling. 
  • Denton cops have now killed someone.  Do you kill someone for simply not dropping a rifle when ordered?