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Tourney Results After One Day

Check out the big brain on Shon! A couple of others are tied for second. Complete results. (Over at, there were 13,570 perfect brackets out of 5.9 million entries. That's 0.23%. We had one out of 403, which is some-percentage-that-I-can't-calculate because I don't know how many digits to move the decimal point over.)


    -All Wise Garden Center has pledged and delivered a $100 and $50 gift certificate for in-house purchases (counts as two prizes). 
    -Bloomoon Pet Resort in Chico has pledged and delivered a $50 Visa Gift Card
    -Wise Liquors in Bridgeport has pledged and delivered a 1.75 liter bottle of Crown Royal for the last place finisher. Two caveats: (1) Your bracket must be completely filled out to win, and (2) I need a little Baptist forgiveness for this one. 
    -A signed Lebron James jersey with a certificate of authenticity pledged and delivered by attorney Paul Belew
    - New: $100 Silpada Designs Gift Certificate pledged by April Cowling (can be used online or through April)
    -A $100 Visa Gift Card has been pledged and delivered by Chris Miller's Farmer's Insurance Agency in Bridgeport.


Anonymous said...

The percentage of perfect picks for the Liberally Lean Bracket is .248%

Anonymous said...

1 of 403 is .25%. Hey! Better than the national average!

Sean Elliott's Dirty Dead Kidney said...

By my calculations, that's a 0.002481 percentage but it's been 28 years since I took a stats class so I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Not only is your kidney dead but...

Anonymous said...

Who was the bottle of Crown delivered to? Me thinks it may be slightly less than 1.75 l full if BG's bracket goes the way of his last year's prediction for the Mavs.

Anonymous said...

"I need a little Baptist forgiveness for this one."

No problem, the Methodists will accept you with open arms. That's where all the drinking Baptists end