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Something Weird Is Going On

Last week we had the guy executed in Arizona whose last words were "Potato, Potato, Potato."

Now we've got a guy showing up at PGA events screaming, "Mashed Potatoes!!!"

And I just learned that this is the 20 year anniversary of the Dan Quail[*] misspelling of the word "Potato." Edit: I didn't mean today. I meant this year.
*Edit. Based upon the context, I think that's my biggest misspelling error ever. And that's saying something.


Bubba said...

According to Wikipedia, Potatoe-gate happened on June 15, 1992. How weird that you thought that was today. :P

Triple Fake... said...

What's so weird about that? It looked like a tater shot to me! I like the way that boy talks

Now pass me that mustard...mmm-hmmmmm

Triple Fake Karl Childers

Anonymous said...

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

Anonymous said...

Actually, Dan's last name is spelled "Quayle".

Triple Fake... said...

you got pwned by 2:07!

We've come to expect a certain amount of misspellings and bad grammar. If everything were perfect, we'd think your site had been hijacked

Anonymous said...

Quayle spelling it 'Potatoe'. That's
2nd to Obama's 57 states.

Anonymous said...

Taters in any form are good.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

some people say potatoe..i say cameltoe..y'nowhisayn..