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Taking A Break For Spring Sports

I'm don't have a doctorate in physics, but once I saw her heading for the springboard I had a pretty good idea this was not going to end well.


Anonymous said...

Why aren't your comments working?

Anonymous said...

You Texans tell me why there hasn't been a movie made about Billie Sol Estes?
That guy makes Cullen Davis look like a cream puff.

ANDY said...


Jack Daniels said...

That's Bridgeport cheerleader material right there.

Anonymous said...

I dated a lady back in my 20's that could bend like that.

Damn....those were good times.

Anonymous said...

Billie Sol Estes is a great story. For being such a big story it is relatively unknown.
There are at least 9 deaths that surround BSR, not counting JFK, billions of dollars made, all while being the subject of law school lessons and many Church of Christ Sunday sermons.

I have no idea why there hasn't been a movie made unless, somehow, the LBJ political arm is still too strong.

BTW...he is still alive and living in Granbury.

Anonymous said...

Quote of the week: "I'm don't have a doctorate in physics."

"I'm don't?" Intentional or not, that's funny!