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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Edit: Where is Bacon this week? 
  • We have an answer as to whether that Billington guy who received 35 years in prison in Tarrant County last week for felony DWI was the same one who had received prior convictions in Wise County. Yep. And he was headed home to Decatur at the time of his most recent arrest.
  • Ex-Cowboys TE Martellus Bennett signed with the NY Giants yesterday for one year at $2.5 million. A lazy, under-achieving, ball dropping tight gets paid an outrageous amount of money and will now play against the team that has already paid him how many millions? That's the NFL. 
  • Depressing on many levels: Watermelon smashing comedian Gallagher, who is now playing such hot spots as "Hat Tricks" in Lewisville on Wednesday, has suffered a heart attack.
  • Mrs. LL has started a new flower bed in the yard which will be edged by landscaping bricks on all four sides.  I feel my job of leveling those four sides will cause a great deal of frustration. 
  • Want to see Blake Griffin airball two consecutive free throws last night?
  • I airballed a free throw in a game in high school, and I can remember everything about it like it was yesterday. 
  • I keep checking in on a local person on Facebook who I don't know but seems to be a drama queen having a complete emotional breakdown (or might be just seeking attention.) I think that's acceptable viewing on my behalf. 
  • Someone commented that having a "last place" prize in the Liberally Lean Pick Em Tournament is silly because someone would intentionally make bad picks. Ya think? But picking who will lose is no easier than picking who will win, and certainly more than one person will try to win last place.
  • Oh, some of the bracket names in our tourney are very, very funny. If you missed the chance to be clever, you can change yours. (Although it takes a little searching to figure out how to do it.)
  • American Idol has never interested me. At all.
  • A building perfectly located and designed to host Quinceaneras seems like a good long term investment.
  •  Mrs. LL (who actually has a pretty good voice) would sing "Big Girls Don't Cry" by Fergie all the time a couple of years back. Because I'm sweet, I made it my wake up tone on my phone that I've used as an alarm clock for the last year. Last night Mrs. LL couldn't remember the name of the song or the artist and had to ask me for help. Losing it?
  • Something I was completely oblivious to: Hunger Games.


Anonymous said...

where in the H***L is Bacon!!!!

Bacon COME BACK!!!

Anonymous said...

We all did our work picking some crazy names for our bracket teams...Look them over and publish your Top 10 favorites from that list of names.

Anonymous said...

Do post a link to the Wise county drama queen! If she posts it on FB, then she wants it read - share the luv...

Sean Elliott's Dirty Dead Kidney said...

Following someone who may or may not be having an emotional breakdown is slightly sorry. Leave that to us professionals who have journalism degrees. Yes, "us professionals" is correct. Look it up in your Strunk & White.

Marty B is a lunkhead. Aggie must be proud to count him as an -Ex. The Cows got themselves a competent backup for Romo when they signed "The Neckbeard." Don't forget to lock the liquor cabinet.

The best four sporting days of the year are nigh upon us. Love the first weekend of the NCAAs.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps there should be a prize for the best bracket name.

Anonymous said...

String line the bricks to level.

Anonymous said...

Bacon went to Mexico on spring break.

Bacon said...

Bacon Scale
I have not been on my game I will admit that.
Todays girl
1 out of 5
Not good BG.

Anonymous said...

bacon is gone'
he dun flew the coop
his leaving is wrong
it is pure bull poop.

yet i'm sure he'll be back
at the blink of an eye
rating that crack
he is never shy.

some he loves
some he only likes
but all will be rated
so dont show him no 'dikes'

Baylor Too said...

BG, you need to check out this video of a illegal traffic stop.

Every high school senior in America should be required to watch this.

Anonymous said...

She is hot....8.5 out of 10

NLP said...

AWESOME!!!! THE RETURN-O OF BACON-O!!!! Viva la Mex bahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Non sequitur Ron Paul ad!

Jack Daniels said...

9:53 - That you, Lt. Dan?

Anonymous said...

Blake Griffin looks retarded.

Anonymous said...

If anyone on this blog has a time machine that will permanently send Britney Spears back to 1998, please speak up.

Lord, to think we have to watch her age in bikinis for the next 25 years. FML.

Anonymous said...

jd yep

Anonymous said...

Bacon must work for the school!

Anonymous said...

"A building perfectly located and designed to host Quinceaneras seems like a good long term investment."

Let's hope it's wind powered!!!

Katy Anders said...

I have never seen "American Idol"... I don't feel I'm missing out on anything.

A few years ago, every time I turned on one of the "music video" channels on cable, a video by a part American idol-related singer was playing. They were uniformly bad.

None of my favorite singers would ever win a singing contest.

Jack Daniels said...

Good poem, Kat.

Anonymous said...


Candance said...

Ohh, I love creeping on drama queens on the FB. If I could get paid to do that, I'd be the richest happiest person in the world. I also creep NJ's ex-wife and correct her spelling and grammar in my head. It makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

was it Jerry Don Billington?