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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I really didn't know much about Sargent Shriver who died yesterday, but he sounded like a great guy. 
  • The Christmas decorations on the Wise County Courthouse were taken down yesterday. I was hoping they'd make it to February. 
  • I was joking yesterday when I asked if Tony Romo was out of the hospital, but I didn't know he was schedule to team up with John Daley next month in a golf tournament. I'm about ready to rank Romo right behind Danny White. Or maybe far behind Danny White. 
  • Jon Stewart goes after Fox and Friends more than I do.
  • Some lady avoided a trial in the Wise County district court yesterday by accepting some plea agreement. It didn't sound very exciting: Dope. 
  • I'm sure you've seen it, but the price was announced yesterday to buy a ticket to sit/stand outside of the Super Bowl: $200.  Any one want to think about the weather on February 6th? And, yes, those buying a ticket will be counted towards the "total attendance" of the game. 
  • Someone asked what former Bridgeport resident and longtime New Jets linebacker Kyle Clifton's first penalty was in the NFL. I remember it because it was a mid-game highlight during a different Cowboy game. Anyone?
  • A lot of criminal defense law practice is avoiding disasters.
  • The Dallas Morning News has started implementing it's pay-for-content plan. It seems any story on their home page with a little "d" in a circle is pay only. 
  • Former Southlake Carrol and failed North Texas coach Todd Dodge is now quarterbacks coach at the University of Pittsburgh? I'm serious: I'd rather be the head coach of Abilene High School.
  • You know, the parade following the upcoming Royal Wedding (and, yes, there will be one) would seem to be a security nightmare.
  • Idiocracy at the convenience store that I saw: Right above the "5 Hour Energy Drink" was a similar bottle labeled "6 Hour Energy Drink."
  • A MLB pitcher walks away from a guaranteed $12 million in the last year of his contract because he can't pitch. My new hero.
  • You know who the Muslims believe to be God? They believe Him to be the one Abraham spoke to. (Yep, the same Abraham in the Bible who was willing to sacrifice his son.) And did you know that Jesus is spoken of reverently in the Koran? It even speaks of him ascending into heaven. Yep, I learned some stuff on the Smithsonian Channel last night -- it was part of their "Islam and the West" series.
  • Funny quote from Mark Twain that I read in Newsweek when someone asked him whether a significantly paid corporate exec had a "tainted salary". "Yes", he said. "His money is twice tainted: 'taint yours and 'taint mine.”