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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • In 2007, the Texas legislature stupidly (good word) took away the right of a jury to give probation in a murder case. Amazingly, in a trial in Austin last week, the judge, defense lawyer, and prosecutor didn't now that. So the jury, when given the option, gave the defendant probation.
  • There's an old saying: "Doctors bury their mistakes. Lawyers print theirs in books."
  • Oh, and why was it stupid to take away the right of a jury to give probation in a murder case? Think about it: The elderly married couple mercy killing, the homeowner killing an intruder who didn't technically comply with the so-called "Castle Doctrine"; and the list goes on.
  • This Saturday is the first sports television wasteland that we've had since August.
  • This week Texas Tech backed out of a game with TCU for this fall. And, to take another kick, the conference that TCU is leaving is considering moving new member Boise State's game against TCU from Fort Worth to Boise.  
  • Everyone keeps telling me to see True Grit. And although they all describe it as "really good", I've noticed no one gives it an enthusiastic "It's great!"
  • Two things in the Update which are tailor made for Liberally Lean audience: (1) Newark passed a "trailer ordinance" and (2) the Decatur ISD is spending over a million dollars on sporting facility improvements but the story specifically mentioned that turf would not be included. 
  • I was asked to spell "unh uh" last night. That's a heck of a lot harder than you think.
  • "Just because you're offended, doesn't mean you're right." - Ricky Gervais on the (pretty darn entertaining) Piers Morgan Tonight show last night on CNN.
  • And I'm a huge fan of Gervais in a world where I'm a very huge fan of almost no entertainers.
  • And when Gervais, English born and bread bred, spoke of his past weight problem, he said that he had "weighed 14 stones." This caused Mrs. LL (and I'm not making this up) to yell at the screen: "Oh, come on! Speak American!!!" Love it.
  • A video "Hey, Now."
  • Hey, you guys over at Wise County probation: What does it mean that the proposed budget slashing state appropriations bill will eliminate "funding for misdemeanor probation supervision and reduces the felony probation formula funding per diem to $1.37, based on the LBB June 2010 population projections"?  It's Greek to me, but it sure doesn't sound good for your typical probation department.
  • The lawsuit against TCU by the former student who was allegedly sexually assaulted on campus gives the public another justifiable reason to hate lawyers.
  • Jessica Biel went to the beach. Not sure what I think about her. 
  • Think it was cold in Wise County this morning? It was -41 in International Falls at 5:00 a.m. according to the weather gal on Channel 5. I didn't believe her, so I checked it out.  Yep, minus forty-one!