Yep. Random Thoughtless. (Edit: Well, some Alamo Bowl thoughts)

  • That was really fun last night. Insane. But fun. 67-56 was the final. 
  • I'm in lobby that offers free breakfast. I had no idea that the Batton Death March crew was staying here. Long line. Everyone scarfing up stuff like they are starving.
  • It's a nice hotel, but they allow dogs?
  • The Riverwalk at Christmas is beautiful.
  • I thought I saw Baylor's women's coach Kim Mulkey eating lunch yesterday. She glared at me for staring at her. Definitely could have been her. I made Mrs. LL go back and get a picture. I'll post it later. Edit: Here it is. Honestly, I think that lady maybe younger than Mulkey.
  • We ate inside on the Riverwalk for lunch? Really. I pouted.
  • The Aggies behind us last night were very funny. Young guys. Having fun. Their bit was to do a loud "growl" sound whenever Baylor did something well.
  • That was like an Arena league game last night. I'm not sure I'm that proud to win it because I don't think football was meant to be played that way.
  • But I'm still happy. 
  • The drive down was traffic free. Amazing.
  • I think I'll take 281 home since it's a Friday. 
  • There's basically no police presence on the Riverwalk but everyone is well behaved. You'd think there would be incident after incident (how could you not push someone in the river during a fight?)
  • Mrs. LL has never seen the Alamo. Amazing. We're going to run by it before we leave. Funny thought: Wouldn't it be a perfect reflection on government if they charged for it? No way.
  • With Baylor being in town, I bet this is the most Caucasian the Riverwalk has ever been.
There were 17 touchdowns scored in this game. That's one touchdown for every 3 minutes and 31 seconds of game time. Baylor and Washington combined for 123 points (2.05 points per minute) and 1,397 yards of total offense. Robert Griffin had 350 total yards and 2 touchdowns and he wasn't even the best quarterback in San Antonio as Washington's Keith Price went for 477 total yards and 7 touchdowns. And his team lost! Then there was Baylor's Terrance Ganaway, who rushed for 200 yards and 5 touchdowns (as a team Baylor rushed for 482 yards). Of the 17 touchdown drives in this game, 11 took less than 3 minutes off of the clock.