Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Fox 4 rolled tape the morning on a TxDot camera that had locked onto a vehicle stalled on I-30 because the producer expected they would capture video of a wreck taking place. He got it. Oh, my.
  • Gov. Rick Perry announced he had changed his position yesterday on abortion by now declaring it is unacceptable even in the case of rape, incest, or even if the life of the mother is in medical danger. I don't know how you can be pro-life and not have that position. Every life is precious.
  • Texas only ended thirteen lives this year by lethal injection. That's the lowest number in a decade and a half. Only eight people were added to death row. 
  • You would have thought the Messenger would have a least written a short feature on the death of Paul Geiser -- long time Wise County DPS Trooper and, later, Sheriff's office employee. 
  • The NFL Pro Bowl selections were made yesterday. What a joke. By the time those selected decline to play because of "injury" or other reasons, at least 30 replacements will be named "pro bowlers" as well. That always increases the number by well over 50%.
  • The Family Cat did the put-a-Christmas-ball-in-water-bowl trick again last night. It's a huge water bowl which makes it look like she wants to put a beach ball in a hot tub. The cat's a playa. 
  • There's a huge generation gap on this Peggy Railey story. If you listened to the radio this morning, you could tell who was too young to remember it -- and they seem dumbfounded on how it was such a huge story in DFW. 
  • I had forgotten that Walker Railey took the stand in his own defense at his trial. I'm a fan of that. 
  • Railey was defended by Doug Mulder who had once been a prosecutor under the now infamous Dallas DA Henry Wade. Between Peggy Railey's death and Walker Railey's trial, he would become the focus of criticism for his wrongful prosecution of Randall Adams as documented in The Thin Blue Line.
  • The DA's race in Williamson County is getting tense.
  • The Aggies learn what their SEC football schedule will be at 10:00 a.m. today. The move to that conference may not seem like a good idea at 10:01 a.m.  Edit: Oops. That was eastern time. Here's the schedule.
  • Came home yesterday and saw Mrs. LL watching Oliver Stone's JFK.  Later in the night, she was reading Stephen King's new book, 11/12/63.  It's going to be a long conspiracy year.
  • Hi-Toneness or quality entertainment?: There's a ton of buzz and positive reviews about The Artist -- a new silent movie filmed in black and white. There is already Oscar talk. 
  • Is it time for post-Christmas depression yet?
  • An Arlington police officer was convicted of child sexual abuse a few years back and was given probation. When it was shown this week that his probation had violated, he was sentenced to prison. His violation? He failed to do all of his community service. If you think it is incredible that someone on probation wouldn't do his community service when he knows he can end up in prison for failing to do so, go to your local courthouse. 
  • It is absolutely shocking the number of people on Facebook that explain away the Grapevine Massacre by simply saying, "The killer was a Muslim."