Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Fort Worth PD went a while without having one of its own arrested for DWI but that ended over the weekend. Throw in a little firearm play as well and they may be trying to ratchet it up.
  • I'm struggling with a cold but it's the kind that Advil Cold and Sinus can keep at bay. I can feel the second that that stuff wears off. 
  • You've got to be a huge tech fan to know who Leo Laporte is, but a technical malfunction in October on one of his webcasts revealed an affair that Gawker finally outed last week.
  • I'm not sure where I read it, but I subscribe to The Love Bank theory (with units both being deposited and withdrawn) when it comes to a relationship. 
  • I watched the Hot Tub Time Machine over the weekend. Made me laugh more than I expected (but I wasn't expecting much.)
  • The biography of Steve Jobs should be the bestseller of 2011 if the three new copies of it I saw at one gathering on Christmas is any indication. 
  • Katy Perry in a Christmas bikini. Hey, now. 
  • WBAP newsman Brian Estridge referred to President Obama as "Barry" this morning while reporting on his Hawaiian vacation. Man, at least hide your political disgust. 
  • Whenever I see someone make a video call over a cell phone I think of The Jetsons. Then I think if technology is like that now, what's it going to be in 50 years? Hologram calls?
  • That horrific Christmas day massacre in Grapevine is being referred to as "the worst murder in the city's history." Duh. That mass killing matches even the Dallas record of six who were shot during the Nightclub Murders of 1984. I wonder what the Texas record is?
  • Watched an old episode of Six Feet Under yesterday and was surprised to see Pam from The Office have a bit role. 
  • NFL notes: (1) Here's more proof positive that Dez Bryant is as dumb as a box of rocks; (2) Jerry Jones got criticized for confronting Jason Garrett in the first quarter of the Eagles game, but if Garrett was goofy enough to want to send Romo back in the game, someone needed to do that; (3) Jerry yesterday on The Ticket: "That was Jason's decision but he didn't need to be making it by himself" -- that's some unintentional comedy; (4) How would you like to have spent all that money for tickets to that Christmas Eve Cowboy game only to learn it was meaningless because of the Giants' win?; (5) No way Dallas wins this weekend; and (6) Current color commentary guy Jon Gruden spares me to death. 
  • Skeptic in me: Want to have a merry Christmas? Fake a burglary, call the cops, call the media, put a crying kid on camera, and then wait for the sympathy replacement gifts to start rolling in. (Start watching for it on local news: It's a recurring theme.)