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New Picture Of Some Of Grapevine Shooter's Victims

Sahra Zarei, 22, her father Hossein Zarei, 59, and his wife and the shooter's sister-in law Zohreh Rahmaty, 58.

The picture from Channel 8 accompanied a story entitled "Gunman In Grapevine Murder Suicide Had Past With Police."  As you get to the bottom of the article, which basically is a rehash of the story, you come to this: . "The Grapevine Police Department said they are working with other area departments who 'had dealings' with the gunman. Details of that history were not released." Well, thanks. (But the story does have some pics)

As for the picture, I think that's the Gaylord Texan in the background.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if "shooter" was upset that Christmas was being celebrated in the first place? I mean, Santa suit kinda sounds like "you like Santa so much huh? Take that." ugh, what a waste. People wanna live man. Go to a hole and shoot yourself if you are so distraught.

Anonymous said...

Yes, WFAA's "reporting" is about as weak as it gets.