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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Politics: Ron Santorumis is on the rise a week before the Iowa Caucus according to a new CNN poll? It's musical chairs in the GOP. Musical chairs played to the Benny Hill theme.
  • Politics #2: The Drudge Report pointed to a column last night suggesting an Obama/Clinton ticket could be a genius move for next year's election. Boy, is it. I could see Hillary doing it because it sets her up perfectly for her run at the Presidency for 2016.
  • Overnight: Two teens died in Springtown when a truck they were in smashed into a mobile home which was followed by flames and explosions. 
  • Regular salt sprinkled onto tomato juice sinks. Garlic salt does not. 
  • Fox 4 had a story this morning of how a family donated five goats to Newark to maintain grass and weeds on city property. The city accepted. 
  • UT struggle for a while with California last night? On August 31, 2003, I was driving away from my girlfriend's apartment and turned on the radio to catch the fourth quarter of Baylor at California, the first game of the year. Optimistically, I waited for the score only to hear that California was up 70-15. Yep, 70!
  • So don't blame me if the posting is a little slow today as I'm off to San Antonio to watch the Bears in the Alamo Bowl tonight. It's not a National Championship game, not a BCS game, not even a New Years Dayish kinda game. But we're going to enjoy ourselves, stay along the Riverwalk, and enjoy what should be a great day. 
  • This is being posted automatically because if we aren't on the road already, something has gone horribly wrong.  
  • I promised Mrs. LL breakfast at Sonic if we could get on the road at a certain time. That's how a high roller like me works. 
  • The releasing of white big balloons at dusk in the memorial service depicted in the photo below was pretty touching when I saw the video of it. 


Anonymous said...

Liberally Lean party at the Alamo Dome!

Anonymous said...

Breakfast at the Sonic? How long married?

You better keep this one!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We went two years ago to the Alamo Bowl to watch Texas Tech play. Not only did we have fun seeing all the Red Raiders, the atmosphere on the Riverwalk was so electric. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, despite the fact our coach had been fired the day before. Have a great time. It's more than just a game.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Mrs. LL will enjoy the smell of garlic salt coming from the driver's seat for a few hours.

Anonymous said...

Perfect weather for some Riverwalk time! Enjoy!

CT said...

Proud for your Bears, BG!

Anonymous said...

Is Santorumis Roman?

Clinton on the ticket will get out the vote, both for and against.
Pray more against.

Went to Austin last week, traffic not bad and a lot of 75 mph limits.

Were can I get some goats? Can you get one with a drink holder?

Sic' Em!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What's the matter, Skippy? You don't have faith in Joe "The Walking Gaffe Machine" Biden as our next Commander in Chief? And even if it is Hillary, she will be an even older hag by the time she runs for the big cheese. And no one wants to see that witch age in office.

Anonymous said...

Women get them big ole hooters like that put on to keep from getting those big hickeys on their necks.

Katy Anders said...

I was nervous at first, seeing NO comments on this blog entry.
Then I remembered you have to approve the comments, and you're probably not doing so regularly from San Antonio.

Whew! For a minute there, I was afraid the internet had died or something.

Anyway, Drudge (and Dick Cheney, actually) are among the many Republicans playing a Brer Rabbit game regarding Hillary.
Presidents don't change Veeps anymore, and yet these anti-Obama folks keep saying, "Oh no, he might do it and it would make him so strong, electorally."
Maybe they have some dirt on her.I hear through the grapevine that her husband cheated on her.

Anonymous said...

Morning Barry. Great day at The ole LL. You rock. yada yada yada.

Any news on if and where the breast feeding flash mobs will be for today?