Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Derek Holland doing impressions during a World Series game proves to me he is a knucklehead. There's a time and place. That was neither. 
  • C.J. Wilson wasn't good and wasn't bad. But he was in charge of perhaps the most important pitch in Ranger's history when he had the bases loaded and a full count late in the game. He got out of it. 
  • I won't be there tomorrow, but on Thursday I should be in a location that will allow legal sports betting. Considering the Liberally Lean Sports Predicting Curse, would it make you nervous if I bet on the Rangers in Game Seven and then posted a picture of the betting slip?
  • Let's get La Russa's reaction if I were to consider placing a bet on the Cardinals
  • Mrs. LL and I were going somewhere casual this weekend and I put on a button up shirt, khaki shorts, and tennis shoes. Then I got to hear, "Who am I going out with? Larry David?"
  • The Ticket has been merciless in replaying Fox 4's pre and post game coverage of the World Series. But it is blooper gold.  
  • Modern Family gal twitpics herself in a bikini (which has been floating around since last Friday.) Hey, now. 
  • The property in Arlington once home to Fantasy Ranch is being foreclosed upon
  • WBAP's Hal Jay this morning on the "occupy" movement: "Just go get a job. Get a job." I don't mind the opinion. I mind him expressing an opinion when there is absolutely no chance that he has spent one second trying understand the movement. 
  • I've got a feeling some baseball organizations are tired of doing the "God Bless America" performance during the seventh inning stretch but there's no way they are going to be the first ones not to do it. 
  • I went to a wedding this year of a gal who had only seen me twice at Halloween parties. She told me she didn't recognize me without mascara on. 
  • For those who thought my "Rick Perry Is A Birther?" post was a non-issue, you might want to turn on the news. It is everywhere. 
  • Did you catch that a Mineral Wells teacher has resigned after being placed on leave for handing out a "Are Roman Catholics Christian" pamphlet?  That would be a better story if she were suspended for handing out, "Are Muslims Going To Heaven?" pamphlets. 
  • For you old-timers who never thought you'd see the Rangers come within one game of winning the World Series, take a look at the old scoreboard in the long gone Arlington Stadium.
  • What does this mean from the Update regarding road improvements on FM 51 in Decatur?:  "And the center turn lane will be restricted in front of Cici’s and Wendy’s, allowing only right turns onto 51 while adding a third lane northbound lane of 51 through the 287 service road interchange."