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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

Girls I Am Not Hanging Out With In Vegas
  • Yep, I'm in Vegas. I normally wouldn't do this at this time of year but a group from Wise County decided to come out here at the same time. 
  • Uh, I haven't seen anyone in the group yet.
  • Mrs. LL and I got tickets for a show that started at 9:00 last night. With the two hour time difference, that would easily allow for me to watch/keep an eye on the Rangers game. (How could the game still be going on at 11:00 p.m. Central time?) Oh, my.
  • At 8:52 p.m., it is the bottom of the 9th, two outs, and two strikes. I'm watching from the vantage point as posted below (There actually is a big screen in that pic.) Then boom. Base hit. The casino figuratively exploded. And with that, we went into the show with extra innings pending because Vegas show tickets ain't cheap. Kill me. (I know, turn in my Man Card.)
  • It was only later, in the middle of the night while watching ESPN, that I got to see what happened in the 10th and the 11th. Mark that one down as historically painful.
  • I did not bet on the game. I simply couldn't do it. I thought the Cardinals would win, and I was actually in the Sports Book looking at the board showing you needed to bet $120 to win $100 on the Cardinals. Again, I couldn't do it. Not because I'm cheap (I am), but there was something inherently wrong about betting against the Rangers with one win to go to claim the World Series.
  • As I was looking at the betting lines board, a drunk Texas-ex came up and started firing off all sorts of Hot Sports Opinions about every game his eyes come across --- including, 'I think the Rangers are gonna light 'em tonight -- I'd take the 'over'". (I promise he first got my attention when I heard him loudly ask a stranger , "What do the pluses and minuses up there mean?")   <--- Sports Gambling Humor
  • Did I pay $80 as an extra baggage fee on American Airlines? Something has to be wrong. I had to have misunderstood him.
  • I ate in a high tone burger place that had a menu that made me fire off a few Vincent Vega lines from Pulp Fiction. (Pic.)
  • Flying is a beating. Flying when the plane is 100% full is an absolute beating. 
  • I thought someone on the plane wasn't going to make it. 
  • I saw one lady get into it big time with a TSA supervisor because "It was not necessary for him to look or talk to me that way." I bet her life is a thousand times harder than it should be.
  • I'm told Halloween in this city is a A Scene. We'll find out.
  • Vegas is the one place that will make you think you are the poorest person in the world. Everywhere you go in a casino you will see an ungodly amount of money being thrown around like it's candy. (i.e. a simple roulette wheel where the minimum bet is $10. Really? Don't people line up around the block in this country for a Denny's promotion for a free Grand Slam Breakfast?)
  • "Is it the old man in me talking, or does everyone dress more and more like slobs with each passing year?" --- Me to the Mrs. as I gazed upon a sea of way too many T-shirts and tennis shoes in a casino.
  • We are staying at the Mirage (getting a little worn, I must say) and there are very, very few signs of the two showmen who used to rule this place until one of the kitties bit one their faces off. 
  • When we first got here, a knock on the door game quickly. A guy in a maintenance uniform was standing there who said there had been a call that the makeup mirror in the room was malfunctioning. "Mind if I take a look?" he said. After he left, I fired off a mock sense of panic with, "Do you know what just happened!!?? Have you not seen Ocean's 11?"
  • It was funnier to me than Mrs. LL.
  • I paid a taxi fare with a fancy credit card machine in the cab and it hit me with a $3 service charge.
  • Again, I'm too cheap to be in this town. My dad always refused to gamble because "They built all those casinos with someone's money." I'm right there with him. 
  • My favorite default line to Mrs. LL whenever we run into a crowd while out of town is, "There's a lot of people in this world." Man, are there.
  • [Completely unrelated: There is absolute chaos breaking out in the Harris County justice system as a grand jury has broken free from the DA's office --- a power most grand juries don't realize they have.]
  • [Completely unrelated #2: Terrell Owens may have had a third prescription drug overdoes.]
  • With the two hour difference, do you realize what the clock says here as I type thhhisss lassttttt . . . . .
  • Edit: Forgot to mention that the special entertainment in the hotel is George Lopez. Really. I've never been so tempted to pay for a ticket simply to be a heckler. 


Random Judge said...

The Random Thought Girls in quality order this week:

Friday (2nd from left)
Friday (2nd from right)
Monday (left)
Monday (right)
Thursday (right)
Thursday (left)
Friday (right)
Friday (left)
Wednesday (right)
Wednesday (left)

Anonymous said...

Play the penny slots. Put a $20 in though. I usually win with the penny slots. Don't have any luck with anything else.

BigTex said...

"We are staying at the Mirage (getting a little worn, I must say) and there are very, very few signs of the two showmen who used to rule this place until one of the kitties bit one their faces off."

The Mirage???

There are more AIDS/HIV cases floating around there than Carter's has pills. Make sure you wash your hands and do not set on the commode seat. That place is a bug chaser palace.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you still even have a mancard?!?!?!? Or, that you even had one to begin with!?!?!?! Vegas USED to be a manly place; Rat Pack swagger and all should fit in very nicely there now Barry!!! Also, when you hear the term "Hard 8" don't get excited as it's not what you're thinking!!! Despite the insults......have a great time!!!!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the girls?

Now you're just baiting us, aren't you? Keep in mind, that girl on the right is somebody's daughter.

Anonymous said...

Looks like somebody took a bite outta that one chicks Bikini bottom.Man that's close.

Anonymous said...

We fully expect some Vegas weekend hotties or at least some pics of Mrs. LL in a bikini soaking up the Nevada sun!

Otherwise, what's the point?

C'mon Kat, you got an few more hottie pics in ya! Make Daddy proud/jealous!

Anonymous said...

Wow, the pic was almost great. fail

Anonymous said...

They haven't lost 2 in a row in 2 months. Rangers win tonight.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Be careful drivig around the metroplex today, every one out there is operating on 5 hours sleep.
Uncle Wally

Anonymous said...

Drunk teasipper, ouch, no room is large enough...

John Holmes' Ghost said...

I knew you wouldn't let me down with today's randy girls. I needed that, er, pick me up after last nights game.

The one on the right looks like April Adams.

Anonymous said...

Greatest Vegas moment.

When the normal looking house wices go instant showgirl on you.

You see them in the morning, 2 kids running around lobby, or video game area, looking like usual soccer mom.

Then BAMMM later that night at the Roulette wheel you see her, and your jaw drops and SHE IS HAWT.

Then you look at the dip shit dude with her. He will be wearing same god forsaken sandles with socks and shorts and tacky pullover.

Instant show girl wasted on a Schmuck.

Kill the weak and Infirm and take their women!!!! Hehehe

Anonymous said...

Are you going to see Barry Manilow at the Paris Las Vegas...Don't miss it,it's the best show out there.

Anonymous said...

Sexy pink earrings . Is she gonna star in one of the shows there ?

Anonymous said...

I believe you mean Ocean's 13, not 11

Anonymous said...

Heckling George Lopez would confirm the fact that you are a racist.


George Lopez is funny in an "awkward" kind of way. LOL

One of my favs is his joke about restaurant names.

"You know how Mexican restaurants always have “border” in the name: Border Grill, Border Cafe. You wouldn’t do that to black people: Kunta’s Kitchen or Shackles. They don’t do it to white people. You don’t see the Honkey Grill, the Cracker Barrel…. oh, nevermind.

Anonymous said...

L to R; 0.2 (I've been that drunk), 4 (what's with the hips?), 4.2 (very nice but lacking upstairs), 4.1

2nd from L top, 2nd from R bottome = 4.99

Anonymous said...

8:55... so true... and that girls parents are so proud of that animal print bikini and straight vodka in her glass....

She's becoming a lady in front of our eyes

Triple Fake... said...

Rangers notes - can we please just get it over with? edition:
~ moving Berkman into the spot behind Pujols is probably the smartest move TLR has made in the Series
~ I'm exhausted, and not just because the game went late last night. My bullpen of sports emotions is totally depleted.
~ if the Rangers don't win tonight, I swear I'm gonna...something, I just don't know what yet!
~ I'm going with the "they haven't lost back-to-back games since whenever that was" line

I'm gonna have to ask because nobody else has - how the heck does a mirror malfunction? If you can see yourself, it works. If not, you may be a vampire. On the upside, you'll have a really cool look for Halloween

"two pieces of candy...
three pieces of candy...
Ha ha ha ha"

Triple Fake The Count

Anonymous said...

T.O. is discovering what happens when his drama queen act wears thin. Aging athletic talent doesn't balance out his spoiled prima donna act. He is now in the same category as week old potato salad - good when it was fresh, but cannot be stomached now.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

Donnie & Marie Osmond are performing in Vegas. Marie has bronchytus, but has been cleared to keep performing.

Anonymous said...

This Blog sucks now!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You got screwed on AA Barry.....Bags fly free on SWA! You just gave the management crooks a bonus, while they just shafted the rank and file on their tentative agreement.

Anonymous said...

Decatur EDC = socialism. Reform Decatur now.

Anonymous said...

Barry, turn around. You'll see me.

Anonymous said...

Please know that individual comments/ratings on "random thoughts girls" are f****** boring. Do any of you that rank these girls TRULY think anyone cares about your personal taste?