Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Tony La Russa's daughter kind of called Ron Washington a crackhead. (But did not reference "gettin' holt of the wrong stuff"). 
  • His other daughter is a Hey, Now.
  • A cold front is moving through St. Louis today with a 60% chance of rain for tonight. With tomorrow looking like nice weather, it wouldn't bother me if they moved Game Six to Thursday.
  • Almost killed the Family Cat who decided to spend the night on a windowsill yelling at something outside. She got to take an all expense paid midnight vacation to the garage.
  • The Feds are after a Texas DA but they might find it tough going. The practice of a defendant agreeing to sign over seized cash in a drug case in exchange for a better plea bargain gives rise to a potential conflicts of interest, but I don't think its illegal.
  • Take this example. A defendant is arrested with 10 grams of dope and has $10,000 cash on him. The DA offers 2 years in prison as a plea bargain.  Would it be unethical to offer an alternative of 10 years probation instead of pen time if the defendant agreed to forfeit that money to the State? (The arresting agency normally gets 70% and the prosecutor's office gets 30%. It can't do to the prosecutor's salary, however.)
  • The first time I was confronted with the issue as DA in the 1990s was when a deal was proposed by a defense lawyer who had been an infamous Dallas prosecutor during the Henry Wade administration. I ask him if he was actually proposing a better plea bargain in exchange for signing a judgment forfeiting his client's seized cash. His reply, without hesitation, "That's exactly what I'm proposing."
  • According to the Update, sounds like we've got a death on 1810 due to a one car wreck this morning. 
  • I'm a middle aged guy and I've been battling a pimple all week. 
  • President Obama was on Leno last night and told a story about eating chicken wings in the presidential limo.  I sometimes wonder if he is simply baiting the Bubbas of the world. 
  • West Virginia is joining the Big 12  -- as in the "The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia". (The only documentary to show a grandmother snorting cocaine while in a hospital room.)
  • There's a lot of student debt out there. And the government has shocking ways of getting paid back when compared to private lenders.
  • The official Amy Winehouse autopsy reveals she died of alcohol and not drugs. And she comes in at a shocking .416 alcohol level. I had always heard cracking .40 would kill you. 
  • But the most interesting part is the official cause of death is listed as "Misadventure."   In general, I suppose that's not a bad way to go.
  • Lindsay Lohan is getting neekid for Playboy.  Her better days pictured here and here
  • People in Denton didn't want to pay to see the untalented half of Hall & Oates.